Do you know how powerful you really are?

Hi, I’m Linda Armstrong, I am an “Energy Junkie” I am also a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher. I guide people to know their Power-With-In, and their connection to the Universal Energy Field. And how they can tap into that energy to re-energize their lives. I assist my Clients in releasing old energies and bringing in new energy, to connect to their Higher Self and follow their intuition. This is what I love doing, I can’t get enough of this Energy Thing, I am continually learning more and more.

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I really Love Law of Attraction Coaching!

While coaching I use Law of Attraction processes, Energy Clearing processes, as well as Light Body Meditation and Future Visioning Meditations and Reiki. I coach in the moment, meaning that as I read your energy and listen to your concerns I draw upon whichever tools will best bring about the desired outcome.

Law of Attraction Coaching helps you to tap into the knowingness that we all have in our Soul. Knowledge that the Universal Energy will successfully guide us to once we learn how to listen, simply by connecting to your Higher Self. You already have the answers within you, at a Soul level, I simply assist you to state clearly what it is that you seek and then guide you to find the answers that you already have but were unable to see. Soon it becomes apparent that you do have the power to control your life with just your thoughts and feelings. And when you start to connect to that Power–With–In you will receive inspiration that will guide you to the perfect action to take in order live your Awesome Happy Life. Knowing that you are being supported by Energies beyond your everyday reality.

Through the guided meditations you will be able to find that connection to the Power-With-In, to your Higher Self and Soul. Best of all, these meditations aide you in releasing limiting beliefs and empower yourself with new empowering beliefs so that you can create your awesome life. Not your mediocre life, or your good life, I’m talking about your Awesome Happy Life! It was a real eye opener for me when I realized that I could control my life with my thoughts! When you start paying attention to your thoughts, and the emotions and feelings that those thoughts bring, you start to realize how this Law really works. This is why I have become a Law of Attraction Life Coach and Energy Healer.

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I would love for you to join me on my Radio Show Live LOA Radio every Thursday at 1:00pm EST, click here to follow the show!

A bit more about me…

I am a very creative person, I’ve always been interested in creating, be through artwork, recently mosaics, home decor, landscaping and gardening among other things. I worked in Advertising for a long time as a Graphic Artist and Art Director. I also started taking karate. And as the Universe had it all planned, I met and married my Karate Instructor and now we teach karate at our own dojo (karate school). I have since earned a Third Degree Black Belt in Kimura Shukokai Karate. I speak about how I used Visualization to manifest my 3rd Degree Black Belt Grading on my LOA Video tips page. That’s one of my favorite examples of Law of Attraction at work. You will find many more videos of my experience on that page as well. And now, I also like to use my creativity with Life Coaching and Energy Healing.

I’ve started this website to help guide those who want to know more about Law of Attraction and to help in guiding you to know your Power-With-In. If you want to find out if Coaching is for you and if we are a match, you can schedule a FREE Strategy Session with me, call 201-888-5832. Also visit my Coaching page to learn more. You can read many of my Testimonials to see what some of my Clients have to say about their experience with Coaching. Also, I write about my personal experience with the Law of Attraction on my blog, I think you will enjoy reading some of those articles. And you may enjoy learning more about what Reiki is and the benefits it brings. You can schedule a Reiki session (distance healing or hands on) right from my Live Reiki LoVe page.

I invite you to opt-in to my site, once you do I will be sending you my “Weekly Law of Attraction Tips and Tools”, also go here to get FREE e-books. Be sure to check out my LOA Video Tips, there’s some fun stuff there. So, look around my site, there is lot’s of information here to assist you in working with Energy. And once you do you will become an “Energy Junkie” just like me. That’s if aren’t already one, hehehe. I’m looking forward to getting to know you, and I hope you will stop by often.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,
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