Appreciation for the Law of Attraction, the Universe sent me a gift

Appreciation for the Law of Attraction, the Universe sent me a gift


I love doing the Law of Attraction Process called
Rampage of Appreciation.

Hawk 300x208 Appreciation for the Law of Attraction, the Universe sent me a giftYou can do a rampage of appreciation anywhere and at anytime, say it out loud or in your mind, and you will feel GREAT!  You just look around at your immediate environment and notice something you find pleasing. As you focus on that thing that you are appreciating you will have pleasing thoughts come to mind. Your positive feelings about it will increase the more you think about it. Say a few comments that please you about this thing and then look around for another pleasing object that gets your attention. Could be a thing, could be an interaction, could be an expression, anything that gets your attention that you find pleasing. Each time you find something that you appreciate make statements about it. As you make one or two statements you will have more pleasing thoughts come to mind, The Law of Attraction will bring more to you. So state those thoughts as well. Watch how your vibration increases as you do this. You create your life with your thoughts. Celebrate and Milk the good thoughts. Law of Attraction will always bring you more of what you are focused on. If you focus on feeling good you will be feeling good more and more of the time. This is why I love this process. I know that my life is a reflection of how I feel and when I feel good all the time my life reflects it back to me.

We are so busy all the time, multi-tasking, playing catch up and just doing the many things that we enjoy. But, too many times we glance over the stuff we admire, the stuff that strikes a cord. We just don’t take a minute to enjoy what it is that we find pleasing about these things as they pop up. It actually might take a little getting used to for some people. I know it did for me. I was always going from point A to point B as fast and efficiently as I could. It took me a little while to realize that I need to enjoy my journey. I’ve written about that in an earlier blog. I’ve even had that tattooed on my foot to remind me when I get caught up in the hustle of life, that I choose to enjoy the journey.

I teach Karate to children ages 4 and up. There were times that I did not enjoy teaching the little guys so much. I would get caught up in the misbehavior of the few and that would overshadow all of the enjoyment of the well behaved kids. I didn’t realize it back then but what was happening was that as I focused on what I didn’t like, and believe me, more thoughts of what I didn’t like would easily come to mind, so I got more of the bad behavior. This was very frustrating. If you take the time to monitor what you are thinking you will see a pattern of how you get more of what you are thinking.

Well, luckily I found out about Law of Attraction.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can’t thank the Universe enough for guiding me to this way of life, to the Law of Attraction. I realized that I can control what I create in my life with my thoughts. Such a simple concept. Think good thoughts and be happy! And then I learned about the Law of Attraction process, Rampage of Appreciation, so I tried it out. Guess what, it works. So I applied this to the students that I was teaching. I chose to notice the things that pleased me. Once I started looking for those things there were floods of them. I would observe an interaction the kids had with each other and really get a kick out of it. I’d see what they were thinking in their minds from their perspective and WOW, it was so much fun. I’d notice them as they struggled with a technique and then the light bulb went off in their heads and they understood and can do what I was teaching. There was nothing like it. Everywhere I looked I could find something pleasing and as I allowed more good thoughts about what I was observing more good thoughts came to me. That’s Law of Attraction, like attracting like, I know you probably read that everywhere. But that is it, Like attracts Like. As I no longer gave my attention to the misbehaved kids the bad behavior did not occur as often. And as long as I just dealt with it and then moved onto the more pleasing aspects of the classes the bad behavior became less and less, and the pleasing behavior became more and more.

As I sit here writing this article I looked out the window and noticed how blue the sky is. So then I noticed how awesome the fall colors of the leaves are. I sat and looked around outside my window, I could see the leaves blowing around with a soft wind, I could hear my landscaper blowing the leaves away in the backyard. And I thought, this is it, a rampage of appreciation. So I said to myself, it would be great to see a really cool bird fly by. Two seconds later a Hawk flew right across my view, as I looked out the window he flew from the right side to as far as I could see to the left, he was gliding and his wings were wide spread. Now that’s the most awesome way to view a Hawk in my mind and there he was putting on a show for me. The Universe gave me an awesome experience to add to this article.  That’s not the first time the Universe gave me more to add to an article. The Universe sent me two Eastern Bluebirds to complete an earlier post as well, click here if you wish to read that post. Try this for yourself and see how the Law of Attraction will match your thoughts and bring more of them too you. So, think happy thoughts.

In closing I just have to say pay attention to what is all around you, admire it, appreciate it and allow so much more to come to you. The Universe is sending you pleasing things to notice and admire and keep you in a high vibration. Take time to notice it and watch as more of it comes to you. It’s the Law of Attraction just being, just as it is, always working, always there for you!

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,
LINDAS sig Appreciation for the Law of Attraction, the Universe sent me a gift

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