Can Life Coaching, guide you to feel HAPPY?

Can Life Coaching, guide you to feel HAPPY?

You can choose to be HAPPY, it is a choice, Life Coaching can guide you there.

I choose happiness 227x300 Can Life Coaching, guide you to feel HAPPY?All you have to do is decide that you want to feel happy Life Coaching can guide you there. Once you make that decision you can put your attention on to those things that make you feel happy. Just shift the direction of your thoughts. While life coaching I will ask you to Pivot your thoughts from where they are right now, to where you want to be. It really can be that simple. Think of a better feeling thought, and then another one and another one, until you have shifted your vibration.

I love life coaching. I am thrilled to be a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. Because even though it sounds easy to just choose a better feeling thought, you would be surprised at how the thoughts my Clients will reach for are not really a better feeling thought. It is really helpful to have someone outside of yourself to point out when those new thoughts are actually better thoughts or not. There is so much value in life coaching especially when you are stuck in a lower vibration. A Coach can guide you out of it in a single session, quite easily. Think about when you are feeling down or stuck, dull, actually pretty miserable. A good Life Coach can guide you to pulling yourself out of that place in under an hour. One little hour. How long does it take you to do that for yourself? And then your Life Coach can guide you towards reaching your goals, and living the life you desire.

Now, I know that your going to say that sometimes you don’t have a choice. You only feel unhappy because of what someone else has said or done to you. Well, I’m going to tell you that you are only the effect of what happens around you if you let it be. You can choose to be happy no matter what is going on around you. And the happier you decide to be and feel, the less things around you will have any effect on you.

Look within to find your happiness. You control your own life, your own circumstances, and it all starts with the thoughts you choose. Living in your mind, imagining, dreaming, trusting in the magic of this Universe, the power-with-in you! That’s how you create the life you want to live. Everything in this Universe is energy and you have the power to tap into that energy and create with it. Life Coaching is a great way to learn how to do this for yourself. My Clients find that after a while of being coached, they know how to apply the processes for themselves. If they get stuck they just call me for a tune up or a new tip or tool to use. But, after having been Coached for a while, they can pretty much continue with what they have learned, and really enjoy being deliberate about creating the life they desire. Get some life coaching and see for yourself! Visit my Creative Coaching page and get your FREE session.

Be Happy 150x150 Can Life Coaching, guide you to feel HAPPY?You know, Life Coaches, need Life Coaching too.

As Coaches we know how to use the processes and techniques we coach with. It’s just that when you find yourself stuck in a lower vibration it is extremely valuable to have someone outside of yourself to guide you through. Every Life Coach I know has their own Life Coach. It’s kind of like having a Personal Fitness Trainer, you can do all the different exercises yourself but you don’t always keep yourself on track to what exercises are best to get to your desired outcome.

So, I’d like to give you two basic Life Coaching tips that you can start using for yourself right now. And if you haven’t already added your email address to receive my weekly Law of Attraction tips, please do so. I’ll also send you my mini e-book of the game I played with the Universe to test my power to create with my thoughts. It’s a great way to learn about Law of Attraction. Here are the two tips:

Energy Clearing – Sit in a quiet space, get comfortable and close your eyes. Breathe in a nice slow deep breath and let it go, and then breathe in again, slow and deep and let it go, and then breathe in once more, a nice beautiful deep healing breath in, and this time hold it for 3 seconds, then let it go all the way out. As you do this use your imagination and imagine that on the OUT breath you are releasing stuck energy. Energy that is blocking you. And then on the IN breath imagine bringing in a pure white light. This white light represents the energy of the Universe, pure positive energy. Do this a few times and see how this feels in your body, filling your body with pure positive energy. From there you can just sit quietly, softly, breathing and meditating. Just freeing your mind. Any thoughts that come in that you don’t want, just send them away in a bubble. You can then imagine your life as you want it, and see if you receive some inspiration. When you sit quietly focusing on your breathing, relaxing and calm, you will receive insight from that power-with-in.

Three Basic Questions – So say your actually at the moment feeling upset. Not near happy, is it? If it seems like things are just not working out for you, ask yourself, these three questions:  1 – What are you feeling?  2 – What do you need or want?  3 – What do you know? Answer them fully and completely. You will be surprised at how well this works. I actually have a little card that I carry in my wallet. If ever I find my vibration dipping I just pull it out and answer. Works every time.

I hope you will try these two tips to see if you feel the benefit of them. If you have any questions about Life Coaching you can always email me. I try to respond right away whenever I can. I love Life Coaching and spreading positivity. Choose Happiness! You have the power-with-in to create the life of your dreams.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

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  1. That is a wonderful and helpful Post Linda. Thank you very much.
    I have made the experience with you, cleaning the energy, and answering those three questions, and I can say it does help. In fact it helps a lot. Reading it seems simple, and putting into practice is also very simple, but the results are great.
    Thank you for all you are doing. Much love <3
    nikky44 recently posted..Sunshine AwardMy Profile

    • You’re welcome Nicole! I’m happy that you have had success with these tips. I have really enjoyed our Coaching sessions and I see you living a wonderful life. I’m sending lot’s of love and light your way!

  2. LOVED this post Linda! Simply because I always say “it’s a choice” – and I believe it is! You make some great points in this post that are straightforward, simple, and easy to implement. Thanks for breaking it down! And, reminding us, it’s all up to us!
    Donna recently posted..Motivation for a Healthy, Happy, Inspired LifestyleMy Profile

    • Thank you Donna ♥

  3. So true, I usd to rely on others to make happy and think ‘If X happens then I’ll be happy’ Now I know this is not the case and it IS up to us to make the choice.
    Good to see you blogging again, too!

    • Thanks Charlotte, As a Coach yourself you know the power within and isn’t it great that we get to Coach others to know this for themselves.


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