Creating with Energy to let go of struggle.

Creating with Energy to let go of struggle.

You can let go of the struggle, just change the energy to change the outcome.

If you have been following my posts here on my Blog you know that I speak a lot about deliberately choosing your thoughts. So in knowing that you are in control of how you feel and that you can choose better feeling thoughts, then you know all you need to know to let go of struggle.

It’s as easy as changing your thoughts, that’s it! But lets add to that by starting to feel the thoughts as energy. Everything in this Universe is energy. From those solid objects around us to the feeling of the thoughts we think. And to the words that are said to us, or the actions that are taken around us. It’s all energy.

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Soul Portraits by Charity

I’ve been playing with this a lot lately. Especially when I meditate. In meditation when you are quiet it is pretty easy to feel the energy of something. I’ve been playing with feeling the energy of Abundance. I will sit and just think of what Abundance feels like to me. Abundance of anything. I’m feeling the energy of it. And then I take it a little further and I feel what that energy feels like in my body. For me, the energy of Abundance is an excited ticklish feeling that goes throughout my whole body. So to take that further, when I am thinking of something that I want an abundance of, I feel the energy feeling that I have attached to Abundance. I feel it in my body and then create new thoughts about the Abundance that I want to create. I associate the feeling to the thoughts. The way Law of Attraction works is that you create with your thoughts and feelings. And then of course you have to trust and allow the Universe to bring it to you.

There you have it. Find the energy of what it is that you want to create. Find the feeling of that energy. And then create thoughts and stories of having this thing that you desire. While thinking these new thoughts be sure to add the energy feeling of it.

Everything is Energy!

Experiment with finding the energy of things. Feeling the energy of different things. Notice how you can change events by changing the energy around them. An easy example I can give you is what I do when I’m teaching Karate to young children. I could be teaching between 20 to 30 kids in a single class. The energy could be going great until one child takes on an energy that disturbs the whole class. I could ignore that energy coming from that child and keep going with my plans for the class. Which sometimes works. But sometimes it doesn’t, and this little guys energy starts to take over and overwhelms the class and all of a sudden things go downhill. If I let it continue I’m in for a really bad experience as well as all the well behaved kids who are or were enjoying themselves.

I could attempt to combat this child and get really strict with discipline, which just adds more bad energy to the class. But once I’m aware of what is taking place, and it can creep up before you realize you got sucked into a downward bad energy spiral, but in becoming aware of it, I can change it. Just by looking at what is happening as an energy and acknowledging that it is just energy, I can change it. And that’s what I do.

I make a decision that I would prefer a different energy in the class. In reality, I am changing the energy in me. I’m choosing to feel a different way. I go back to the energy that I want to feel, take it into my body, and then some amazing fun thought, fun solution, fun activity or movement comes to me. And the whole class changes. That little troublesome guy pivots to this better feeling energy that I have placed before him. He’s happy and so am I. And all it takes is my awareness of the energy around me and in me. Then choosing the energy I prefer and I decide to be that. The rest just falls into place.

It sounds almost mystical or magical. Actually it is. And we all have that magic with in us. We all have a deep connection to the energy of this Universe. It’s an abundant Universe and when you can feel the energy of that, you can live the life you desire.

Wow, I really love this stuff. Truthfully I didn’t know where I was going with this one. I just felt like I needed to write about energy and playing with energy. I think I just taught myself something. If I can and I do, change the energy in class as I teach kids Karate, I can do it with anything else. It’s all the same process.

Acknowledge the times when you do this in your life. And then develop that skill and deliberately choose the energy you prefer in any situation and with any desired manifestation. I’d love to hear about your experience with this, please leave me a comment as you work with this yourself.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig Creating with Energy to let go of struggle.


  1. Great post, Linda. And perfect timing for it! I’m going to try your meditation technique. I usually just empty my mind of thought (or try to) but I like the idea of hitching your awareness onto something positive and letting it pull you in a new direction.

    • Thanks Sarah, I’m so happy that you enjoyed my post. I’m really enjoying playing with energy, especially in meditation.

  2. Thank you Linda for your post and also for posting a photo of this beautiful soul portrait I created with energy!! Creating this type of art allows me to access freely the universally abundant energies that create each of us and how they shift when we are in each others space. This portrait is of a family of 4 including their pet dog. I create each portrait through channeling the energies and soul colors expressed both individually and collectively and the outcome is always powerful, dynamic and astute. The portraits along with crystals or other media emanate the enlightened gifts of healing, clarity and harmony, so it is important they hang in a auspicious place in the home. It gives me great pleasure to share my gifts of connection and creative art of connecting with energy and painting what I see hear feel and intuit. Blessings to you now and always and let me know if you would like your own… you have awesome energy as well!! –Charity

    • Wow, I got chills as I read your question of would I want one myself, and again right now as I type this response. That would be a definite YES! I’ll connect with you on that soon. I really love your art. I actually found it as I googled energy looking for an image to attach to my post. I took one look at your photo and was immediately hooked. As I think many will be when they see this image posted here. It’s really beautiful, and I especially love learning of your process when creating them. Thanks!

  3. Thank you very much Linda. I learn a lot from you. I think I have done it before without really knowing what i was doing. I try to escape in my thoughts and reach a peaceful place. I don’t know if it’s the same thing, but It helps. There is A LOT of negative energy at home today. I will give it a try now and let you know. Much love <3
    Nikky44 recently posted..My First Best FriendMy Profile

  4. That’s really an interesting concept; feeling and sensing the energy around you and being able to control it by focusing on it. I’m a believer in energy, and I too think you can feel your way to and through energy. However, I’ve never been quite as literal as you describe. I’m going to put forth that effort and experiment with it this week – I think that’s an awesome approach. I’m even going to use a similar technique while meditating. Thank you for always providing me with ideas to expand my own personal growth. I love you, admire your style, and I’m grateful for our connection. I need more people like you in my life! Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

  5. PS – simply adore the artwork! Caught my attention immediately!
    Donna recently posted..Always Do Your BestMy Profile

    • Thanks Donna, I love our connection too! Working with energy is really awesome, I’m learning about it more and more everyday!

  6. The middle part about you and the child in your class… I need to take this into my parenting. Stat.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Shannon, Try it, consciously change the energy, just feel the energy of what you prefer and see what happens. Enjoy!

  7. Love it Linda! We certainly do affect those around us with our energy and our thoughts!

    • Thanks Kathie!!!!

  8. Hi, Linda! I was reading your blog on energy and it makes total sense to me. If you’re in a place with negative or stressed energy, I can actually feel it and does/will rub off on me. What I have decided to do is create my own “protective bubble” with happy thoughts, relaxation music I have in my cel phone and my Ipad, look at a pic of the smiling faces of my grandsons, etc. just to take myself to another moment of happiness and positive energy. I’ve just recently started focusing more on the law of atrraction, which I trully believe. Don’t know if you understand me… I will definitely be reading your blogs, as well as the comments from your friends. Thank you, Linda!

    • I totally understand you! You can imagine that bubble as a golden ball of light. Light energy from the Universe, pure positive energy, and just bask in it. Also, a good thing to do is to close your eyes and imagine as you breathe in that you are filling your body with pure positive energy that comes directly from the Universe, and on your breath out imagine that you are releasing any stuck negative energy. So you fill up with all good energy. It does feel really good when you do this, you can really feel it in your body. Try it and let me know what you experienced. I’d love you to look around at my site and see what things resonate with you. Imagine, Believe & Enjoy! Linda

  9. Hi Linda:
    The title of your post reminds me of something I wrote last week:
    Let Go or Be Dragged:

    You’re so right about meditation. It can be so relaxing. Energy is flowing everywhere and even when we are still, nothing ever really is. In fact as you say, it is when we are still that we really begin to feel. So amazing how meditating can focus all that energy and focus it into a pinpoint. It is only through becoming still that we can feel just how much energy is truly within us.


    Letting go and feeling the energy
    Chris Jennings Penders recently posted..Our Next IncarnationsMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Chris! I just read your article, felt like i was reading my own words. This stuff is truly amazing. LOA and Meditation, how wonderful!



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