Do you appreciate your Negative Thoughts?

Do you appreciate your Negative Thoughts?


Appreciate my negative thoughts, are you crazy?

Negative Thoughts are good  300x280 Do you appreciate your Negative Thoughts?Most people don’t realize that your negative thoughts are actually helping you. They help you to know more clearly what you DO want. Negative thoughts create a certain emotion in your body. Emotions that you don’t really like. But your emotions are your guidance system telling you when you are headed in the wrong direction. So if you think about it, your negative thoughts are actually positive because they are giving you a hint. Letting you know that you need to pay attention and find your way back on course. So, I have come to appreciate my negative thoughts. Emphasis on MY. This is totally different from my last post having to do with other people’s negative thoughts.

Without negative thoughts you would have a hard time finding out what you would like better. You would pretty much stay stagnant or stuck in the same place. And you would eventually have a negative thought born out of boredom. We can never stop creating. That’s what we love to do. We love the challenge, even the struggle of achieving something new. Think about it, the last time you achieved something, were you so happy that you decided you didn’t ever need to create something new, or just something else. There will always be something more to do, something more to create.

So of course you create from good feeling happy thoughts too. For example I’m taking a course to get my Certification as a Law of Attraction Life Coach, I love it, it really makes me happy. So happy that I enrolled in an Awakening your Light Body Course. My LOA Certification Course will be over in April. I loved it so much and want to continue learning more and more so I also enrolled in this second course which will go on until September. Don’t know what I’ll do next, but in this case I was motivated by positive thoughts. But, that journey actually didn’t start with a positive thought.

There have been times when negative thoughts have served to make my life better. For example, I have (had) a tear in my Rotator Cuff in my left Shoulder. I teach Karate and have loved doing Karate for many, many years. When I woke up one morning in extreme pain unable to move my whole arm I was filled with negative thoughts. I couldn’t move my arm for a week, and it took a long time after that to be able to use it much at all. Well, long story short, It was when my mind was filled with negative thoughts of how was I going to go on teaching karate. Karate is my business, my husband and I have a successful karate school. Luckily I could still teach even with the limited use of my left arm. But, I couldn’t really train anymore, it was too difficult.

Appreciation for negative thoughts.

All these worrisome thoughts about this injury brought me to a decision to take an online Information Marketing Course. I thought well, I need to do something that doesn’t require me to be so physical, that doesn’t require me to be in Tenafly, New Jersey. Which is where my school is located. I started to think about finding a career that I can do from anywhere in the world. So, I came to enroll in an Information Marketing Course, which guided me to find my passion. Which is Law of Attraction as you probably know. Which led me to Christy Whitman and her Quantum Success Coaching Academy and also now to her Awakening your Light Body Course.

I am so grateful for the tear in my rotator cuff!  Imagine that! I didn’t think that at first, not for a long time, but it was the thing that lead me to what I am doing now. I absolutely love Coaching and I am thankful for my negative thoughts that brought me here. And a huge bonus is that through the meditations in the Light Body Course I have healed my tear in my shoulder. I am almost at full use again, now I just need to strengthen it.  It’s amazing! The Universe had a plan for me that I was not yet aware of. It took that tear and a lot of negative thoughts to bring me to what I absolutely love doing.

I’m sure you can think back to some time in your life when you were filled with negative thoughts. But, if you ask yourself “why is this happening” “what is it that I need to pay attention too here” “what is my emotional guidance system trying to point out to me“, if you sit quietly with these questions and listen to that voice inside of you, you will receive a message. Then you can act on that and turn that negative experience towards a positive outcome.

I’d love to hear your experience with negative thoughts that actually pointed you to a better direction in your life.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig Do you appreciate your Negative Thoughts?


  1. Linda, I’m speechless! This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever read! Such awareness, enlightenment, and truth! So authentic and packed full of meaning! You are SO right about appreciating the negative. I loved getting to know you through this our writing. Admire your style, love your strength, and appreciate your determination! Thrilled to call you friend and honored our paths have crossed on this journey. Your gift is priceless!

    • Thank you Donna! I too am so happy that we have connected. I can’t wait to meet you in person at the Goddess Weekend this March.

  2. Wow! What a great article Linda! The negative thinking that I have recently appreciated in my own life recently was surrounding my tendency to spread myself too thin and trying to focus on too many things.

    When I took the hint from myself and committed to just one main focus: WRITING, I was able to complete my 2012 Valentine’s Day Sneak Preview Edition of my Romantic Stories and Cookbook and get it published on Amazon Kindle before Valentine’s Day!

    So many things dropped magically into place! It would never have happened if I hadn’t paid attention to those negative thoughts and overwhelm.

    In Joy,
    Sara McGoodwin
    Chief Executive Romance Goddess
    Best Selling Author
    Remember, Life Can Be a Honeymoon. Let’s Start NOW!
    Sara McGoodwin recently posted..Feb 10, Ju EphraimeMy Profile

    • That’s GREAT Sara! Those negative thoughts are trying to tell us something, we only need to get quite and listen to what they are trying to say.

  3. Linda you are awesome!! I often beat myself up about my negative thoughts but you are so right – they are there to help us find what we do want and lead us to our dream life that would not exist otherwise. thanks for sharing your story you are such an inspiration!!
    Nicole Stone recently posted..What is a craving?My Profile

    • Thank you Nicole, we all beat ourselves up over having negative thoughts, until, we realize that there is probably something to learn from them. And then that makes it actually kind of fun. We get to figure out what the bigger part of ourselves is trying to tell us. And then, we can just expand by learning from the negative thought. Pretty Cool.

  4. I just stumbled on this site from a comment, I have to say I enjoyed reading it. I have so much trouble feeling positive about negative thoughts. I guess it is easier for us to say why me than to accept the fact there may be a deeper meaning to what we are feeling.
    Gofashiondeals recently posted..Date nightMy Profile

    • So happy you found my site and this article. The Universe really does bring you the right things at the right time! I believe there is always something good to come from a bad experience. It’s all just indications of where we need to go and what we really want. Think back to things in your past that you thought were negative at the time and then see if there was something good that came from it. I find there always is a good reason for it. At least that is my experience. I hope you will come back and visit, Imagine, Believe & Enjoy, Linda



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