Do you believe that the Universe is speaking to you?

Do you believe that the Universe is speaking to you?

The Universe sent me a message today!

I was outside with my new puppy and I noticed that my lawn has a lot of clovers in it. So I thought to myself, WOW, I have such a lucky lawn!  That thought felt really good. It wasn’t just words spoken from my mouth. I really felt those words and I was sort of in awe. That’s the best way for me to describe the feeling. So I took a few steps and then I felt compelled to look closer at the clovers. I’m outside in my back yard every day, but today was different.

So as I looked at the clovers I had this thought pop into my head. Look for a 4 leaf clover. So, I thought why not, seems the Universe is speaking to me right now, and I think I should listen. So I kneeled down to looked at the bunch of clovers at my feet and I didn’t see any. Then I thought well, I’ll just look a little to the right, still kneeling in the same spot. But, I didn’t see any. So, I kind of laughed to myself and thought, OK, maybe today wasn’t the day but it was a fun idea and I really enjoyed it. Then I stood up to walk away and I couldn’t. I thought well, it doesn’t hurt to look to the left side a bit. My home is on 2 acres, that’s a lot of lawn but when the message came I stayed in that very spot. And then, there it was, almost jumping out of the ground as if to say… HERE I AM, HERE I AM!


A Sign form the Universe, a Four Leaf Clover.

What a joyful feeling. I was flying high as I acknowledged this gift from the Universe. My heart is beating fast even as I write this story. I’m just so overjoyed to experience direct communication from the Universe. I did not go out to walk my dog today thinking about four leaf clovers. So then, I went into my house so excitedly skipping with my dog shouting the Universe sent me a 4 leaf clover, whooo hooooo, the Universe sent me a four leaf cloooooovvveeeerrr! You know singing just like a little kid.  I so thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I had to take photos. I think I might even make myself a screen saver with one of them. And maybe even a short video about listening to and acknowleding messages the Universe is sending you.

I’ve been listening to the Universe speak to me for a while. And I always journal these experiences. As you know, the Law of Attraction will give you more of the same, right? So, when you journal your appreciation, gratitudes and successes you are setting yourself up to receive more. You really have to just try it and see for yourself. Once you realize that you are getting more of the same you will be excited to write in your journal. It is a great manifestation tool.

With all the Coaching I have received and all the Light Body Meditation that I am doing I truly feel abundant. I have my little e-book that I give away to people who opt into my website, and I have to say that is the way I create my awesome life. In applying all the Law of Attraction Processes that I do, in keeping my thoughts positively focused on the things that I want to create in my life and with meditation  and visualization, I am living an awesome life. Best part is, it will only become more and more awesome. Even when not so pleasing things pop up, I know that something better is on it’s way. I know that I create my own reality with my thoughts and feelings and that is true power. That is that power-with-in. I’m actually working on a Coaching Program to help people to tap into that power. I hope that when I release it you might want to check it out.

I hope you enjoyed my little story of my experience today. You can view the video I made about this experience on my LOA Video Tips page. I cant wait for my next message from the Universe!

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

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  1. Awesome! I am a believer.

    • Yes Sharon, me too, isn’t is AWESOME?

  2. that was a really cool story-i could use more pick-me-ups like that im feeling stuck and empty.

    • Hi Chuck, Just think a better thought than the one you are thinking presently, and then think another and imagine how it would feel to be enjoying what it is you are thinking about. Find things that distract you from your negative leaning thoughts. And of course you could try getting some Coaching to keep you on track to creating a more enjoyable life. Look around at more of my articles, watch my video tips. You can decide to feel good and it only takes deliberately choosing better feeling thoughts. Glad you liked my 4 leaf clover experience, I’m still flying high. Imagine, Believe & Enjoy, Linda

  3. Linda as you know I too am a believer. I have tears just reading your article! We are so blessed to have this knowledge and implement it into our daily fantastic lives. To pass it on is an honor to the Universe. Woo Hoo four leave clover……Awesome writing!!!!!!

    • Hi Linda, I love when you stop by! This was such a huge message to me today, I really feel the Universe speaking to me, I just love it. I hope you signed up for the Light Body Course, I will be on those calls with you. I can’t wait to do it all over again. Enjoy, love you!

  4. Hi Linda,
    You wouldn’t believe what this email/story did for me. First I asked for a specific sign from the universe a few days ago, and proceeded anxiously to look for the sign to appear. Then this morning I told myself that I have to have faith and stop searching for the sign. It will come to me in due time. So I get to work and log into my email and see this story. I decide to read it- and silently hoped that my sign would be contained in your story. No such luck. After reading this story, I decided to look for the free-eBook you emailed me months back. While searching my email folder for your book, my sign appeared! I was filled with happy tears. The law of attraction really works! The universe is listening. Your email did bring me my sign! I will continue to ask, believe and receive. Thank you for your part in this enlightenment. Many blessings.

    • What a great story Faith! I’m very happy to have been part of your manifestation of your message from the Universe. How awesome! Thanks for letting me know. Law of Attraction does work, you can’t turn it off, it’s always there. That’s why it is important to be deliberate about your thoughts. Don’t you just love it! Linda

  5. I always know that God, the Universe is speaking to me. The problem is am I listening? Am I following the instructions? A couple of years ago I decided I was going to listen more rather than talk and complain alot.

    • That’s exactly it. The Universe and our Higher Selves are always sending us messages. And once we realize it, that’s when the magic happens. And the nice thing is that the more you notice these messages the more you will receive. Pretty cool.

  6. I believe. I have always believed in signs i get, but without knowing how to call them. Now I know.
    Nikky44 recently posted..Sometimes i wish….My Profile

    • Yeah Nikki, good for you, signs are all around us, we just need to pay attention and notice them as they appear. It is quite magical.



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