How to keep your ENERGY positive!

How to keep your ENERGY positive!

Tips on how to keep your ENERGY positive!

It is really awesome that we have all we need inside of us to be able to achieve our desires. As for tips on how to keep your energy up throughout a tough day at work. A very basic is that you can always think the next better feeling thought in any situation to start to refocus your thoughts to what it is you prefer. Not always that easy to do depending on the situation, but it is ALWAYS possible. Sometimes it’s as easy as pivoting your thoughts to what you prefer.

But, one tip I really like is to take notice if the energy dip is created from your own energy or from the energy of those around you. I wrote an article about an experience I had and how I used a meditation technique to release the other person’s energy and come back to ME. And then I was able to get back to my positive self and continue with my day. The article is called Split Energy – Stuck between two worlds. I created a video tip for that process you can view it here on my video tips page or with this link:

Another thing you can do, especially if you like working with energy is to send the energy of LOVE to the situation. You will be amazed at how just by shifting your thoughts to the energy of LOVE can change your experience. Just feel what that energy feels like and then sort of transmit that energy to the situation. Let me know what your experience is with that one.

You can also use this tip, place a protective bubble of LIGHT around yourself regularly at anytime or especially when going into a segment of your day where you feel you will need a little extra protection from the energies you may encounter. LOVE and LIGHT is always available to us to aide us in our daily lives.

Here is an energy tip from Doreen Virtue on how to do that:

Shield yourself from harsh energy by visualizing a protective bubble of light around yourself.

Choose your favorite color or one of the following:

Purple for spiritual and energy protection.

Royal blue for physical protection.

Emerald green for healing.

Light pink while conducting healing work or while counseling someone.

White for general shielding.

Funny thing is that my Husband has always done this. Just naturally. When I learned of these techniques I immediately giggled and thought “WOW, Gavin taught me this a long time ago” The awesome thing is that… IT WORKS!

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,
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