Enjoy the Journey!

Enjoy the Journey!


Enjoy the Journey, words I live by.

Those three words mean so much to me. They mean so much that had them tattooed on my foot. Now when I get overwhelmed or discouraged I only have to look at my foot and I am instantly reminded to enjoy each step along the way of this journey through life.

Enjoy Tattoo 300x225 Enjoy the Journey!When you think about it we live in the moment.  Life is happening right now.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not yet arrived.  In order to have better tomorrows we need to feel good in the now.  So, even when the journey does not feel so good, you can remind yourself of how the Law of Attraction works.

We are what we think about.  If you monitor your thoughts and then look around at the life that you are creating you will see a direct relationship between the two.  The Law of Attraction states–that which is like unto itself is drawn.  Like attracts like, your life will match your thoughts.  Knowing that you now can choose to think better thoughts.  Be deliberate about your thoughts.  If you find yourself thinking in a negative manner you can choose to find better feeling thoughts.  Your thoughts plus the emotions that those thoughts bring are how your life is created.

Savour every step of your journey

I used to rush from point A to point B always trying to get things done as efficiently and as well as I could.  Even with my artwork. I could see the finished product in my mind.  I knew exactly what it would look like when it was completed and I always rushed to get it done.  I did not enjoy each step along the way.  Crazy right?  Especially when you are creating artwork.  But, I was so conditioned to be fast and efficient in all things that I didn’t even enjoy the creation of my art.  Well, those days are long over.

No matter what the situation is, find a way to appreciate each step along the way.  Find ways to turn the goal into a game and really enjoy each day as you strive to achieve that goal.  Your results will be so much better.  You will feel great and when you feel great your life will show you evidence of that.

The Universe is always answering our call.  It is always ready to serve us and aid us in achieving our goals.  When you are feeling good you will pull in all sorts of inspiration.  Inspiration that the Universe is sending you to aide you along your Journey.

Enjoy the Journey!

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig Enjoy the Journey!


  1. Great site! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also

  2. Linda, you are so awesome! I am in loooooove with that tat as well! Can I copy??? It is totally what I would do if I ever got the guts to do it. Hummingbird and all…. sweet. XXXXX YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!

    • Absolutely you can copy my tattoo, I’ll even send you the artwork if needed. It’s such a great reminder when I see it on my foot. Funny thing, my Coach reminded me to read my foot one day in our coaching session. I guess I forgot that message temporarily. Thanks for visiting my site!



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