Guidance from your Higher Self

Guidance from your Higher Self

Your Higher Self, that bigger part of you that is connected to the power of the Universe, is always sending you guidance.

Whether you know it or not you have guidance from your Higher Self. Once you realize this you will start to notice this guidance as it comes to you. Those times when something happens that seems to be a coincidence. Well, there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything that happens to you is a reflection of how you are vibrating and what you are thinking and feeling.

Vibration is the effect of your emotional guidance system, and it is the signal or frequency that your body is putting out there into the Universe. Your emotions give you an indication of how good you are feeling, or vibrating.  So for example when you are feeling GREAT, life is good, you are just loving life, we can call that a 10 on a scale from 1 to 10.  Then when you are feeling really pretty bad, depressed, worried, etc. you are probably only about a 3 on the scale. So you can ask yourself at anytime; how am I vibrating in this moment? Where am I on the Emotional Guidance Scale? See what number it feels like. Then decide to feel better. You can easily do that by reaching for a better feeling thought. One way to do that is to say “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” statements.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I was feeling full of energy and eager… Wouldn’t it be nice if I got some sort of unexpected surprise today… Wouldn’t it be nice if I didn’t worry so much… Wouldn’t it be nice if I could remember to do this every time my vibration dips…

Or just distract yourself from the situation, follow any guidance that comes to you that will give you relief, it might even come from a TV show!

And if you are vibrating at a 10, find ways of milking that feeling. Find ways to let it last longer and longer. Really find yourself appreciating and giving gratitude and sending out LOVE in every direction.

So, I was inspired to write this article by one of my LiveLOA readers, Susana.

She was feeling down because she missed an important phone call, and there was not a number left for her to call back. So of course she wasn’t feeling too good about that. But then she found herself watching TV, which she rarely does and something very magical happened. I say magical because it was her Higher Self giving her guidance. Guiding her to thinking in a different way. Instead of beating up on herself, she received the message “Something will come up”

Susana who never really watches TV found herself watching an episode from Two and a Half Men. With her permission I am adding her words here:

“The younger brother was sooo worried about how to make money to cover bills and the older was going like something will come up the younger brother was so worried he went on asking everyone he knows for help in money and always got refusals at last he went and signed up for a drug test program that caused him severe side effects for only 1000 dollars per week meanwhile his brother who lost his job was enjoying his days worry less going like oh something will come up and at the end of the funny show while sitting relaxed with his brother who is in pain from side effects he is suffering, he got a phone call offering him a great fun job he likes for a lot of money , it got me laughing sooo hard at the fun show and more at myself and I relaxed and told myself something will come up not everything must go through human law plans and that God or Source or any power one believes in would guide and protect you once you have belief in it and in yourself since as you always say we are extension of that power”

Well, I got goose bumps as I read the email she sent to me because there are no coincidences. The Higher part of her, her Soul, that part that is connected to the Energy that makes up this Universe gave her guidance to see this show at this perfect time. How AWESOME is that?

You just never know how the relief will come, but if you trust in your Higher Self, it will come. Just like Susana’s experience, I have had this happen many times and in so many different ways. Keep your heart and mind open and let the inspiration in. Thank you Susana for that inspiration! I’ve seen that episode and it is sooo telling.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

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    • Yeah, I am also happy you found me. I hope you will enjoy all that I have included in my website, check out my video tips!

      • Linda thank you soo much for putting and effort into this and writing about it and I did get the phone call that I missed just two days after and Iam half way in registration for a course for law studies in the UK and soon I hope I be a professional lawyer in England and Wales and I also got a great job offer here in my country that hopefully will help me in my fees and I sat for its assessment exam which came exactly as I planed !! Thanks to you I am really getting good at this its really fun and I hope I get more luck more happiness and more enjoyment and more good news as I go on 1 :D :D Love you Linda . Thanks a million ! <3

        • YEAH! I’m so excited for you! It is so true that the right things come at the right time. We just have to believe and trust in the energy of the Universe and keep our thoughts focused positively! Way to go Susana!

  2. Hi Linda,

    Once again I read an email form you that was sent a while ago today on a day where I feel like things may never happen since the job-search is not going as planned. So thanks for the reminder that something will turn up. Your continued support through this process is helping me more than you can ever know.

    • Keep up with the Visualization and Future Appreciations Lia, it will happen. Remember how powerful you are when you stay focused on your desire and feel it in your body as if you are already living it, and then you will!

      • Linda,
        It’s crazy that I was taking a negative dive then read this email and kept telling myself something will turn up and at the end of the day got a call for an Interview. Went today and seems promising so I am scripting my job acceptance and visualizing my workday there. Thanks to you I am feeling positive and staying focused. I really would be sooo off course without your coaching. I’ll keep you posted. – Lia

        • Whooo hoooo, I’m so happy for you Lia, keep up the great manifesting!

    • Hi Nicole, I’m so excited for you!!!! Do they know back home that you won’t be returning? Email me with the details. Have you written an article about this journey yet? Can’t wait to read it!

  3. Love your posts! What is the “Higher Self?” Is it our spirit body…our self that has incarnated, into our physical body?

    • Hi Debra,

      Your Higher Self is the bigger part of you that is connected to the whole of this Universe. It is the part of you that is beyond your physical body. The part of you that knows how powerful you truly are. It is your Guidance, your Intuition it is the part of you that always knows what is in your best interest and is actually always guiding you to that. We just don’t always hear the guidance, don’t allow it or in many cases don’t even know it exists. It’s pretty amazing. The best way to really get in touch with that part of you is in meditation. It is so easy to reconnect to the whole of you when you meditate. Please feel free to email me with any questions that come up for you. I hope this brief description helps, that’s basically the way I see it.

      Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,



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