Inspired Action to Soar Higher using Law of Attraction

Inspired Action to Soar Higher using Law of Attraction

How to use the Law of Attraction to soar higher and higher in your Life!

It’s easy, all you have to do is be deliberate about the thoughts that you think while adding the emotion of how you want to feel in the having of your desires.  And then just allow it to come. That’s it, plain and simple! That’s the Law of Attraction.  For me, I follow the 5 Steps I wrote about in the FREE e-book I send out when you register on my site. I write about these 5 things all the time.

If you have only just come to realize the power of your thoughts I congratulate you. I only came to this understanding in my 40’s, I’m 50 now and I do wish I had known about this when I was younger. But the truth is that you come to the understanding at just the right time for you. And that is always the best time. No one wants to be told what to think or how to think. So in knowing that, you really do have to find Law of Attraction for yourself. Anyway, I am THRILLED that I found my way to this truth.


Inspired Action Eagle Inspired Action to Soar Higher using Law of Attraction

I am soaring higher and higher everyday while using Law of Attraction!

This is my truth, and this is my new game in life. Using my own thoughts and emotions to live the life I want by using the Law of Attraction. I no longer take three steps back to gain one step forward. We are all familiar with that expression. And yes, that is how it seems to work when you are not deliberate in your thoughts. When you are kind of living your life on auto pilot. Because when you are not deliberate about your thoughts of what you want to create in your life you can get caught up in others thoughts and creations which will set you back. But, luckily the Higher part of ourselves, our Inner Being, our Soul, whatever you want to label this part of you, it is always working to guide you to your desires. It can however work a whole lot easier if you partner with that part of YOU by deliberately choosing better feeling thoughts guiding yourself to your goals.

As a Law of Attraction Life Coach I know many processes that guide my Clients to choosing those better feeling thoughts and staying on track positively focused on their desire, on their goals. So, the very basic of all things to do it to always choose a better feeling thought. We can all do that. It doesn’t cost a penny and the results are instant. In choosing a thought that feels even slightly better you start to feel better. Then you choose another thought and another, and luckily Law of Attraction is always working and you will start finding more of those better feeling thoughts much easier. And the more you do this the better you get at it. After a while you will be soooooo good at thinking your way out of a bad feeling place.

Now, I’ll admit that there are times when you don’t really feel like reaching for that better feeling thought. I do this for a living, Coaching Clients to those better thoughts, and I still sometimes (rarely) feel like staying in that not so good feeling place. It really makes me laugh when I think about it. But it’s true. Sometimes we sort of don’t feel like taking ourselves out of that not so good place. It’s pretty stupid actually, but it happens. And that is only because it is a comfortable place. It’s more comfortable at first than it is to reach for better feeling thoughts. Even though you know you could make yourself feel better by doing it.

So enough about that. Do yourself a favor and when you are feeling down, start thinking about what it is that you truly want and then baby step your thoughts in that direction. Let the Law of Attraction work in your favor.

What I really want to write about here is soaring higher and higher.

And the best part, that goes along with your thoughts and feelings, is in the allowing. Allowing is trusting and knowing that you can and will have your desire. Trusting in this amazing Universal Energy that is always there for you to tap into. Just deciding for yourself and knowing that it will be. Tapping into that Power–With–In you. We are all connected to this energy of the Universe. Spend time in meditation or just in visualizing the things you want to create in life. Feel how great it will be when it manifests. Feel that feeling right now in your body. Really vibrate to the things you want to create as you think the thoughts that will bring it to you. And then adding the feelings associate with having it. Feel how good that feels.

Do it right now, think of something that you want to create. As you think of this, really feel the emotions of having it. Just daydream for two minutes on this feeling of living that desire. Make up a mini movie of living it. Feels good right? Now, just relax with it, just trust the energy of this Awesome Universe, just ALLOW it to come. And it will.

Do visualizations like this everyday, multiple times a day. You will create a vibration around you, an energy field of having this desire. And the Law of Attraction will match that vibration and you will start to see evidence of the manifestation. It’s just so cool. You will receive inspiration as to what things you can do to further create your desire. Inspired action is the BEST action to take. Only good things can come from Inspired action. It’s the forced actions that will actually hold you back, maybe cause you to take a few steps back. Listen to the inspiration that comes to you and act on that. Visualize and be inspired. “Inspired action born of your thoughts and feelings will keep you soaring higher and higher”.

Get some Life Coaching to gain more skills at using Law of Attraction in your life. Find a Coach that really resonates with you. If you like the things that I put out there in this Universe you can schedule a Coaching Session with me. Click here to schedule.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig Inspired Action to Soar Higher using Law of Attraction


  1. I am trying the visualizing Linda and it gives a very beautiful feeling. I find myself smiling after that.
    It is true that when I am feeling down, I don’t have the energy to think of it or take even that little time for myself, but I am working on that too. I am so happy to have sessions with you. Thank you so much!!
    Nikky44 recently posted..Heart-SistersMy Profile

    • Nicole, it does get easier and easier. I’m very happy to be Coaching you. You are making big leaps, you are doing the work and you will be living your desired life sooner than you think!

  2. Hi Linda
    I like your posting and I need to jump read all the messages so I can get what are written. I always hope my life be changing in the future.I find myself a little out of the old and I feel a new life coming my way.
    Thank you


    • Hi Baibuke, Keep your focus on your dreams, really feel what it will be like when they come. Really feel it in your body, use your imagination. When doubt comes in or you notice the lack of what you want you just need to pivot your thoughts back to what it will be like to be living the dream. Keep doing that. I know you have been doing it and I’m happy to hear that you feel it is coming. That is important. Visit that feeling often. I always enjoy hearing from you! Linda

  3. Love the quote! It is so true! Your articles are great thought starters! Couldn’t agree more, find a coach you resonate with and begin soaring!
    Donna recently posted..Always Do Your BestMy Profile

    • Thanks Donna! I always love hearing from you and swapping comments on each others posts.

  4. Hi Linda
    Another thought inspiring post. I am a long term student of the law of attraction and I so understand when you say sometimes the bad place is more comfortable. There are so many times when I soar and then I tend to sabatoage my own success. Ones step forwards, two back, so far I have not worked out why I do this..

    Love the new look to the site.
    Love Life & Smile
    Caroline recently posted..By: Becoming a Better Person -My Profile

    • Hi Caroline, Thank you! Have you done any guided meditations to release limiting beliefs? Could be a belief you took on when you were younger. I do a lot of meditation to release those beliefs. Why don’t you register for a FREE Session and try it, I think you will like it. Linda

  5. Yes, yes and more yes! The visualizing, mini-movie thing is something that I have just started to put into practice in the last 6 months and it is probably my favorite technique. This stuff is so magical when you are able to put it into consistent practice. Thanks for being one of those people that keeps me inspired and on-track, Linda!
    Nova Wightman recently posted..How To Milk Feeling GoodMy Profile

    • Thanks Nova! Mini movies are excellent, so fun and easy to do. Everything is energy and vibration, I love those little mini movies, everything always turns out exactly as I want. How cool is that!

  6. I started learning the LOA when I was 40 (very cool to discover something so life-changing in a milestone birthyear~ that’s happened for me for 20 and 30, too!), and in the 5 years since then, things have profoundly changed in my life for the better (i.e., new business, lost excess weight, got out of debt, new love/fiance)~ and I’m positive that you‘ve had major changes since you discovered LOA, too!
    Yay for both of us!
    Yay for LOA!
    Christine recently posted..*Your Beauty Reading* now available!!My Profile

    • Absolutely Christine! I’ve created lots, and of course still am. I’m loving this journey I’m on, which is why I love Coaching others to find it for themselves and really tap into the power we all have within us. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Once again, I appreciate your fresh spin on the Law of Attraction! Way to GO Linda! I’m delighted you’re MY Life coach!! It’s fun to watch our worlds expand, our experiences blossom and to “run like Phoebe”, of course!

    In Joy,
    Chief Executive Romance Goddess
    Life Can Be a Honeymoon. Let’s Start NOW!

    • I love Coaching you Sara! And isn’t it cool to know that it was you and Daryl that introduced me to Abraham in the first place! Never knowing that I would be your Law of Attraction Life Caoch. It must have been in the works even back then.

  8. Practicing LOA daily, and my biggest problem is in not knowing EXACTLY what I want! All of the books say that you have to figure out EXACTLY what you want and visualize it, etc. I’m not sure WHAT I want exactly. It keeps my practice of LOA from being consistent. Guidance, please?

    • It is good to know what you want and focus on the having of it. But, if you’re not sure what you want, why not focus on how you want to feel? Make it your intent to feel good each day, do you want to be excited about new ideas coming to you? Do you want to feel happy in all of your activities through out the day? Focus on that. And ask the Universe to inspire you to what it is you really do want to create. Maybe it’s a few different things. Just be playful with it. If you can manifest feeling joyful or excited most of the time, I’m sure you will be receiving inspiration for things to create in your life. Why don’t you schedule for one of my FREE Coaching Sessions maybe I can help you further. Enjoy!

  9. Love, love, love this post, Linda! You have a wonderful ability to explain it so well! Thank you!

    • Thank you Gretchen, I’m happy you liked it!

    • Thanks Nicole, I’ll have to find out what that is. Thanks for thinking of me!

  10. Hi Linda

    Another great post! I sometimes get stuck in the ‘allowing’ part and it is good to get reminders that our job is the visulising and (importantly) the feeling part and just to relax and let the universe do the rest.

    • Thanks Charlotte, yes the hardest part is the Allowing, that’s where the relax and let the Universe take over part comes in. But, we tend to be so controlling that we hinder that allowing. I’m really these days so into just going with the flow, in that space I can relax and let it in.

  11. Linda, I love how you say that the information comes to us at just the right time for us. We are never a finished product, and so we have unlimited potential….there’s always more!!

    • Yes Katie! It’s a great adventure always changing and when we listen to inspiration, it can be awesome!

  12. You hit the nail on the head Linda. The law of attraction costs nothing at all. Not even a penny. A positive mental attitude can actually make people want to do things to better themselves or to live a healthier lifestyle in general. Thus thinking positively does not cost anything, but can potentially have the effect to make you richer through maintaining a high vibrational frequency. Thanks again for the article. Are there any tips you have to keep your energy up throughout a tough day at work?
    Positive Energy 411 recently posted..Frequencies of the Law of Attraction updated Tue Feb 26 2013 4:49 pm ESTMy Profile

    • Hi, Thank you for your comment. It is really awesome that we have all we need inside of us to be able to achieve our desires. As for tips on how to keep your energy up throughout a tough day at work. A very basic is that you can always think the next better feeling thought in any situation to start to refocus your thoughts to what it is you prefer. Not always that easy to do depending on the situation, but it is ALWAYS possible. Sometimes it’s as easy as pivoting your thoughts to what you prefer.

      But, one tip I really like it to take notice if the energy dip is created from your own energy or from the energy of those around you. I wrote an article about an experience I had and how I used a meditation technique to come back to ME. And then I was able to get back to my positive self and continue with my day. The article is called Split Energy – Stuck between two worlds. I created a video tip for that process you can view it here on my video tips page or with this link:

      Another thing you can do, especially if you like working with energy is to send the energy of LOVE to the situation. You will be amazed at how just shifting your thoughts to the energy of LOVE can change your experience. Just feel what that energy feels like and then sort of transmit that energy to the situation. Let me know what your experience is with that one.

      I hope those help. If you get the book Ask and it is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks you will find many processes that can help you to shift your energy. I use these processes as well as meditation with my Clients, they really work.

      Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,



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