Law of Attraction, Creating with Visualization and Feeling as if…

Law of Attraction, Creating with Visualization and Feeling as if…


With Law of Attraction it really is a matter of visualizing and feeling as if you are already living your desire.

I believe this to be the key in creating your Awesome Life.  The emotions you are feeling is the vibration that you are sending out to the Universe as you create your life. The key to using Law of Attraction effectively is being aware of the feelings and the emotions that you have surrounding your desire. Because if your feelings don’t match your desire, it won’t come! Plain and simple. If you are wanting to create more money in your life. You want to have the freedom that more income will bring. You want to feel secure to be able to do what you want, when you want to. Everyone has that desire. The tricky part is that while you are wanting this desire, but are feeling the lack of that higher income, the uncertainty of where will it come from, the fear of always struggling, it won’t come. It can’t. It can’t because the vibration you are giving off is one of lack, not abundance.

This is where the power of Visualization comes in. Everyone can imagine a story of living a life of financial freedom. Make up a movie in your mind where you are the star and everything you want, you have. The tricky part comes in adding the feeling of what it is like to live that life. When all you know is struggle and lack it can be hard to find the feeling of abundance. This applies to all desires. The desire for your Ideal Relationship, your Perfect Career, a Healthy Body, Dream Home, New Car, etc.

Admire and appreciate others who already have what you desire. Be grateful that they accomplished your desire. They are living proof that it can be done. Instead of being envious and putting them down and thinking that they must be miserable in other areas of their life. Celebrate their success! In fact, hang around with people who are living your desire, pick up their vibration. Absorb the vibration. Use them as an example in your visualizations. Learn from them, not by their knowledge, but by the feeling they give off. Feel their abundance, absorb it, and take it on for yourself. Find that feeling and add it to your own story. The one where you are living your desire. It starts in your mind. Feel it like you are already living it. And then let the Law of Attraction bring it to you. I’ve done this, I made a quick video clip of my favorite win with using visualization. Click here if you have not seen that yet.

Born knowing how Law of Attraction works.

We come to this life already knowing how to do this. Kids have the greatest ability to DAYDREAM. They know the secret. When they are daydreaming they feel the story as if it is true. It’s too bad that as they grow up people around them who claim to love and support them; want to break them of this habit. When I was young I had teacher after teacher telling me to stop daydreaming, pay attention, get your head out of the clouds. Well, even if their intentions were good, they were very much misguided. And then they complain to the parents and get the parents on board to discouraging this behavior. Well, I’m here to tell you to return to that inner child ability to DAYDREAM. Do it anytime of the day, anywhere, whenever you get the urge or better yet even when you don’t even feel like it. In creating the daydream you actually shift your vibration. As soon as you start imaging how things could be and really let yourself get into the story, into the groove, I promise you it will be fun. You will enjoy imagining the dream.

I was actually inspired to write this article by a photo that one of my cousins posted on facebook. I asked his permission to spread it around in cyberspace because I feel it illustrates this point so well. You’ve seen that photo at the top of this article. As soon as I saw the photo I cracked up laughing. What a huge smile this photo put on my face. And the best part is that it illustrates so well what I am writing about today.

We need to take a lesson from our KIDS. Let them show us how to daydream again. Let them show you how Law of Attraction works. My son Steele taught me so many things and I wasn’t aware of Law of Attraction back then. Looking back now it’s just so obvious. Actually, there is so much that we can and do learn from our kids. They are the true teachers. They don’t have doubt, not until we give them a reason to doubt. Until we tell them how what they want is impossible, tell them to get their head out of the clouds. They think anything is possible. And they vibrate to the desire. To regain that skill is the way to really start creating. Try it, start visualizing a movie of your desire where you are the main character and you already have everything you want. Really feel what it will be like, feel it now and live it later. The more you can feel as if the desire exists the easier it will come to you. It has to, it’s Law of Attraction. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. Your true thoughts, the feeling behind the thoughts. Pay attention to how the thought feels, if you notice you feel doubt tell another better feeling story until after a while you really do start to vibrate to the desire.

“Our kids are born with the ability to DAYDREAM. They hold the key to creating. They come here knowing that it is as simple as imagining and feeling… we can all learn by observing their view of the world.” ~Linda Armstrong

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,
LINDAS sig Law of Attraction, Creating with Visualization and Feeling as if...




  1. Absolutely fabulous! I’ve read this information countless times, but this article simplifies it beautifully. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to envision and enjoy my goals being realized : )

    • Love it! Thanks Joe, enjoy your visualizations!



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