Law of Attraction never sleeps!

Law of Attraction never sleeps!

That’s right Law of Attraction is always at work.

No rest there, and why would there be, this is the beauty of Law of Attraction, it’s always at work whether you know it or not. So knowing that, why not set up your day using this Law of Attraction?  You can decide how each part of your day will flow. Abraham calls this “Segment Intending”. As easy as this sounds, I still find that I forget to do it lots of times through out my day. I’ve been at this for a while and I still forget sometimes to do it.

It seems I remember to do this more when I know I am coming into a segment of my day that might not go so well. Or, once I’m stuck in a not so good space. So, it’s easy to remember at that time. I think to myself, well, how do I want this to go. What would be my ultimate experience in this upcoming segment of my day. And then I just run through in my mind exactly what I would like to take place. When I do that everything runs smoothly. It’s really pretty amazing. You have to play with doing this for a while. And really acknowledge and appreciate when it does turn out just like or very close to what you have intended. Remember Law of Attraction will always bring you more of what you are focusing on. So be sure to put some focus on your ability to do this.

AND when you find yourself stuck in a situation during your day that is NOT going well… just decide right at that moment how it will go. Stop for a second and think about how it could go. How you would like things to be at that very moment in time, what do you want to happen? When I am aware enough to catch myself in this sort of stuck moment, instead of getting angry with myself for not setting up my intention, I just laugh at myself and then choose the better feeling scenario. And, guess what? It works. You can deliberately choose better thoughts that have an effect on how you are feeling which will change your experience. You are utilizing the Law of Attraction when doing so.

I write often how everything is energy. Well, in these moments you really experience it for yourself. You are aware of how something is not going well and you know how that feels. You can sense the feeling of it right then. You can then decide to change the way it’s going by thinking of how you want it to go. You also feel the relief in the new thought, which changes the energy. Then just allow it to happen. I’m sure you have done this before without even realizing that you controlled the energy of the event.

Keep in mind that you cannot change the way others perceive the same situation, they may not feel the relief that you have just found for yourself. So don’t judge your experience with Segment Intending by what other people experience. You only have control over your own energy, and you can influence other people energy, but you cannot make them have your same experience.

I like to do this before I fall asleep. I think about how I want to wake up feeling in the morning and then how I intend the day to flow. Then after I awake the next day I think about the day in general and how I would like it to be. And throughout the whole day as it unfolds I set up how I would like the next part of my day to go. It’s really very easy and very effective, it works.

I have to say, it is sooooo nice knowing that when I find myself in a situation that is not going so well, I can just decide to have it go better by changing my energy with my thoughts and feelings. It’s pretty amazing! The Law of Attraction says: “that which is like unto itself is drawn”, or “Like attracts Like”. When you focus your energy on how you want something to be, and you stay positively focused on it, it will come.

Play with this and see for yourself. I’d love to hear your experience working with the Law of Attraction and Segment Intending.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,
LINDAS sig Law of Attraction never sleeps!




  1. Hi, Linda,

    Hey I have been practicing sveral of the Universal Laws from a pdf that was placed through a url link online from a friend. This same pdf fits in with my dream about a Spirit Guide who referred me to look into and research the meaning behind “Segment Intending” and your blog posts helped me achieve two winning tickets on the Euro millions from Tuesday’s draw and Friday’s draw. Including more self-awareness, i’ve un-locked past memories with an understanding of the emotions behind those dreams and experiences. And I can now recognize when I need to change my situation and I now know “How to” manifest anything I want in my life.

    Deep-down it is with your support and article posts that have been keeping me in-check. My Spirit Guides have been pointing me in the right direction and I have been paying more attention to them. And Abe Huesin from fb who also has helped me out. And I would like to thank the Universe for Abraham Hicks, you, Abe, my Spirit Guides, and myself for trusting myself and believing in myself.

    Thank you very much, and muchly appreciated. Keep up the good work. :D

    • Thank you David, it’s so nice to hear that my posts have helped to keep you positively focused on your desires. Awesome that you have connected with your Spirit Guides! Trust your intuition it will always lead you in the right direction, that is you tapping into your Higher Self, how cool is that? I really appreciate you taking time to let me know.

  2. Hey Linda really missing you.
    Soo its very intersting what happened to me lol I just finished reading the book the secret for the first time which I also attracted because I havnt read it before this time just watched the DVD. Anyways I have read in it about planing ur day in advance and it got me thinking how can I in good way I think I need somehelp with it and Yes!!! I got the newsletter about this article being posted it and it got me blown away !!!! Im soo thankfull for you and I really love you. And the article is helpfull and great again thank you

    • So nice to hear from you Susana! There are no coincidences, the Universe really does bring you the right things at the right time. I don’t even know why I chose to write about this today, it just popped into my mind and I thought I would right about it. I’m so happy that it was the right thing for you today, very cool. I really appreciate you telling me about this!

  3. Hey, Linda,
    Do you happen to know the difference between ‘segment intending’ and ‘prepaving’? If there is any. Just wondered~ I think I do prepaving the way you’re talking about segment intending, but would like to know if there’s a difference!
    Christine recently posted..Our first-ever youtube video shoot~ how it went downMy Profile

  4. very nice…

    • Thank you Rani!


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