Law of Attraction, Universal Manager, and a cute little Hummingbird!

Law of Attraction, Universal Manager, and a cute little Hummingbird!



I did it, Law of Attraction brought me my Hummingbird!

Hummingbird 300x213 Law of Attraction, Universal Manager, and a cute little Hummingbird!Wow, I am so excited! If you have read my entree in which I spoke about playing a game with the Universe, I had stated near the end of that post that I asked the Universe to send me a Hummingbird.  I had not seen any since the first year I moved into my home. This has been my favorite Law of Attraction game to play. There is something so rewarding when you can see rather quickly how when you “Ask it is Given.” Well, I asked and today it was given! A beautiful little Hummingbird was on my deck at one of the flower pots. And this little guy let me take his photo. They move so fast, you can’t see his wings because they are so fast you can’t really even see them. I was so excited to have taken this photo to document how great the Universe is and how it is there for your asking. It’s Law of Attraction, you get what you think about. I thought about how thrilled I would be when I saw one of these little guys in my yard. Click on this photo to get a better look at him. Enter your email in the box on the side so that I can send you Law of Attraction tips each week that you can easily apply.

Ester and Jerry Hicks wrote a book called “Ask it is Given.”  This is a great book, it is an explanation of how you can manifest your desires. If you have not read it you should check it out.

Law of Attraction and the Universal Manager.

The Universal Manager, get to know him. He is the best manager there is, and how could he not be, after all he is the best in the Universe, hence his title.  He is the CEO of the Law of Attraction. Well, basically what you do is to think of your desire. Something that you would love to have manifest.  And then just ask the Universal Manager to take care of getting it for you.

Sounds funny, right? Well, I have to tell you it works. I have had so many things come to me by just doing that. From little things to pretty big things. Big or small, the reward is so great when you see evidence of the Universe answering your wishes. Kind of like the Genie in the bottle, it is the Law of Attraction in Action.

Today I received the Hummingbird. Yesterday I received something else. I had a contract for services from a particular company. I had paid this company $5,400 for this service. They could not deliver and so I canceled my contract with them and asked for my money back. They agreed to give me back 50%, $2,700. Then when it came time to send the check they just didn’t do it. I was not getting my refund. So I tried calling, emailing I even had an Attorney send a letter for me. They were not giving in. I filed a complaint with the BBB in the state where this company operates from. They responded to the complaint to say that we had no such agreement. I was getting such a knot in my stomach. This did not feel good at all. All it was doing for me was putting  me into a negative vibration. So I decided that I would just give up the fight and give it up to the Universal Manager to deal with. I was done having it effect me in such a negative way. I decided to let go of how I felt about this company and just be done with it. All along expecting the Universal Manager will do a better job than I had been doing. That was close to one month ago.

Well, yesterday, I get a phone call from that company. The representative told me that they had made a mistake and their Lawyers had overlooked something and that they would be sending me the check for $2,700. Wow, now that’s one good Manager!

So, try it, start relying on the Universal Manager and see what the Law of Attraction will bring you next.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig Law of Attraction, Universal Manager, and a cute little Hummingbird!

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