Live with Love…

Live with Love…

Live with Love, Appreciation & Gratitude, along with Meditation.

Living in the emotion or energy of Love wasn’t part of my daily make up, it was there, but I wasn’t so in the energy of it unless things would occur that would bring that energy out. Now, it’s just always there. Literally, things don’t upset me anymore, or I should say, rarely.  One example probably everyone can relate to is driving. I used to get angry with other drivers on the road all the time. Now, even when there is a reckless driver or “stupid” driver, it just does not change my mood, emotion, nothing. I just allow them to be as they are, and actually it’s becoming more and more rare that any even cross my path. I drive in the energy of love and relaxation. Maybe it’s all the Abraham CDs I listen to as I drive… could be. But then, there you have it. As I listen to those CDs I am in the energy of Love and Appreciation and Gratitude. If it wasn’t for my Brother-In-Law sending me a clip of Ester Hicks speaking for Abraham I may not have been lead to what I am doing today, Law of Attraction Life Coaching. Abraham is the ULTIMATE source for me on anything Law of Attraction…

And then there are those people that just always seem to get under your skin. You know what I mean. Well instead of going into the energy of frustration or disbelief, even anger towards this person, I now choose to appreciate their Positive Aspects and the more I do that, the more positive aspects I see. Of course, it’s Law of Attraction at work. Choosing to see the positive aspects has changed my relationship with all those that used to get under my skin. Now, I know, it’s sometimes very hard to find any positive aspects of certain people. So, start with the easier ones first. After awhile you will get pretty good at it. Then you can try doing this with those harder to accept people. Always keep in mind that Law of Attraction will bring you more of what you are thinking of. So the more you choose to look for positive aspect the more you will see.

This is why I can generally stay in these high emotions. By choosing to look at my life through love, appreciation and gratitude I get more of it. Law of Attraction is always working. That’s why people who worry ALWAYS have something more to worry about. People who have negative thoughts attached to money will always be lacking it. People who hate their bodies will always have a body to hate. You have to choose to live in these higher emotions. And then once you have chosen to do so, you can start molding your thoughts and sculpting your life just how you want it. We are all Creators, every one of us. We all create our lives with our thoughts and feelings, no one else does this for us. Once you take ownership of that, then the magic can begin. You can create the life you dream of.

So, now here is the most important part of this for me… MEDITATION ♥ I’m just thinking how I can probably write another e-book based on my experience with meditation and all it has done for me. Too much to write about in this article.

I had tried to meditate many times before and had some good experience, but I always felt like I must be doing something wrong. I didn’t have the confidence that I was doing it right and so I took the stance that I couldn’t do it and stopped trying. Now this may sound strange but there have been greater forces in the works here, basically my higher self. I have been so drawn to meditation over this past year that I signed up for Christy Whitman’s Light Body Meditation Course without even knowing why. Literally, I was compelled to sign up for it and had no idea what it was or why I was feeling so strongly that I had to do it. She only offers this to her Coaching Academy Graduates. Funny thing is that I got an invite to it before I graduated. I wasn’t even supposed to get the invite to enroll until I was a Certified Instructor of her Academy. It was a mistakenly sent email, it went to the wrong list. But, the Universe sent me that invite, and I was compelled to sign up.

It is through meditation that I have truly tapped into the Power-With-In.

That power within is the connection to the whole of all of the energy that exists in this Universe. We are all connected. And you can connect to it in meditation. You will know this connection when you feel it. But first you have to know that you can. When I tried meditating before I had this idea that I had to quiet my mind and be of NO THOUGHT. Well, I just could not do that, and of course the harder I tried the less I could do it. I still can’t do that. Maybe one day I can be of that level, but it in no way takes away from my experience. In fact, as thoughts pass through while I meditate it makes it easier for me to hear the inspiration that is being sent to me. All of a sudden this amazing thought that I had never thought before just pops into my mind. And it is always an inspiration that makes my life better. It’s always the perfect next thing I should do. What I have come to understand it that there is no wrong way to meditate.

With that brief summary of what meditation has meant for me what I really want to get across is this. During meditation you can connect to the chakras. And most importantly for this article is connecting to your heart chakra. Just sit quietly and focus your attention on your heart and feel the energy of love. Just connecting to that energy of love in meditation will bring so much more of that energy into your day to day life.

I’ve had days where I am just spilling over with the energy of love almost to point of being annoying. But of course enjoyable. I’ve never considered myself a “tree hugger” or “hippie” or “new age”, or any of those other labels. I’m a Karate Girl, I’m strong, heck I can be pretty fierce. I wouldn’t want to mess with me. But, now, WOW although I am still those things, I am sooooooo much more. There is such a softer, easier loving energy about me. And it all comes from the connection to my heart and the energy of love that I have found in meditation. You hear people saying it, we are all LOVE, everything is LOVE. Well, it’s true.

“Live with Love, Appreciation & Gratitude, along with Meditation and you will be
so tapped into your Power-With-In”  ~ Linda Armstrong

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig Live with Love...


  1. Great post Linda

    I love the idea of connecting to the heart chakra while meditating and experiencing even more love.

    To your continued love and appreciation.

    • Thanks Maxine, I always love hearing from you ♥

  2. “Strong and loving” sounds like a winning combo to me!
    Christine recently posted..UpcyclingMy Profile

    • Thank you Christine ♥

  3. Living from a place of love, appreciation, and gratitude. It’s overwhelming how simple the concept is and how powerful the results are. Fabulous article with meaningful, helpful, and in-depth content! Love it!

    • Thank you Donna, love it when you stop by ♥

      • I love the description of the meditation process and how we don’t have to clear our minds, as that is always an area I’ve struggled with in meditation! I love guided meditations as they give me something to focus on. Great hearing about your journey, let’s see where it goes.

        • Hi Charlotte, I too love guided meditations and I LOVE leading my Clients through them. Especially the Future Visioning Meditations.

  4. I love that you gave the example of anger while driving. This morning I was driving my son to the scout’s meeting, and it was an awful drive. No one was respecting the signs, people in front of me kept on changing line, others suddenly decided to change direction, etc.. I got angry, and upset. I usually stay calm, but today I told my son: what’s happening with all of them? i feel like driving in the jungle!!” My son’s reply made me think. He said:” mum, they have always been like that, but you are different today. I stopped for few seconds, took a deep breath, music on, and the rest of the way went very smoothly :)
    Nikky44 recently posted..Nominated again, Thank you :)My Profile

    • Very interesting Nicole. Good example.

  5. The example of driving is a good one, that is when I’m probably at my worst! grrrh! lol but something different happened this morning, I relaxed more and just thought to myself, I’ll get to work when I get there. I arrived feeling much more relaxed than normal!
    Jess Randall recently posted..Details of how to purchase Rosie’s DilemmaMy Profile

    • Excellent Jess! Know that you can set up your whole day that way. Just prepaving what is yet to come by deciding how you would like it all to flow. It really does work, pretty amazing! Especially when you consciously choose to be in the energy of love, appreciation and gratitude. Amazing things start to happen.

  6. A great article and a great reminder to me that I really need to get back to meditating every day. I’ve let myself get so caught up in work that I feel really out of balance and more disconnected than ever. It’s so hard to take time out of a busy day to just be and reconnect with the love of the universe – though I am going to try harder. Thank you.
    Lori recently posted..Tibetan Prayer WheelMy Profile

    • Hi Lori, All you need is 15 minutes a day to start to feel that connection again. First thing in the morning or last thing at night, and being that you used to meditate you will get right back into it easily. It just takes doing it maybe even for a week to get back into the swing of it. It took me a long time to actually start making meditation a regular part of my life. I’m soooooooo happy I did. Enjoy!



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