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  These are a collection of my Video Clips.

I will be adding to this page regularly. Let me know if you have a question about Law of Attraction that you would like to see a video clip for. I would love to do it. I really enjoy making these little clips. Enjoy!


A great tool to use when working with Law of Attraction to manifest your desires is Visualization. WOW, this really works! Athletes use it all the time. But, really everyone should do this everyday. Focus on one thing that you want to create in your life and then live it in your imagination. This is key to creating. When you do this you really pick up the vibration of what it is you desire. You have to, you are living it in your mind as if it is real. Law of Attraction does not know what is real or imagined. It only knows how you are vibrating

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Releasing Negative Energy

In this video I run through a quick meditation process to release negative energy that you have taken on by someone else. I’ll guide you to returning the unwanted energy and also calling back to you any energy you have scattered about. It’s a really cool process that has really helped me.

You can click here to read the article I mention in the video clip.

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Working with a Pendulum

Here I am explaining how to work with a Pendulum. How to tap into the Universal Knowledge and Energy. It’s really cool, I love working with one to get some clarity on the questions that I ask.

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Future Appreciations!

This is a great tip that I learned from one of my Mentors. Future Appreciation! Wow, what a great way to create. What a great way to see Law of Attraction in action. I have created many things using this process. My Coaching Clients are also having a lot of success with this tool.

It’s awesome!

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A message from the Universe

In this video I share my experience of receiving a message from the Universe. This experience was just such a great win for me. I was directed to a 4 leaf clover…

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Run Like Pheobe

In this one I’m speaking about my favorite vibration lifter. This one works no matter how bad you might be feeling, AND no matter how good you already feel. This will put a big smile on your face and you will fee great! I actually crack myself up in this one and have to keep my composure. Enjoy!

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Don’t you just love Law of Attraction

Here I speak about loving Law of Attraction and having fun creating.

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Life is a Vacation

In this video I’m speaking about creating the vibration of what you want to create throughout the day. Just taking little trips in your mind imagining being or having what you desire. Bringing that feeling into your body for little bits of time throughout the day.

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How to start Meditating

I was asked by Anita in Connecticut — How can I start to meditate?

I’ve tried it and I just can’t seem to do it on my own.

So, to answer Anita I made this quick video. In which I am giving a you quick way that you can start to meditate on your own. Play around with this and send me any questions that might come up for you.

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Best Coaching Academy EVER!

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Learn the Science of Crystal Healing with Hibiscus Moon

 Video Tips

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