Meditate, relax and let it in!

Meditate, relax and let it in!

Relax and let it in,
let what in, meditate and you will soon see.

Little meditting dude 200x300 Meditate, relax and let it in!I’m loving this journey that I am on. Over this past year I have gone so much deeper into the Law of Attraction and connecting with the energy of this Universe. On this journey I have found myself drawn to meditation. I have know for a long time that meditation is a good practice to get into. It’s very healthy for your body & soul. But I really didn’t know why and I really had no understanding of it. I did try to use meditation. I tried a couple of different techniques. I found that doing some NLP Guided Meditations was an easier way to get started. I was able to feel that connection to something more than just me and the room I was sitting in.

In these earlier attempts I did discover for myself that when I did get quiet and sit and breath and relax, that I was able to let myself go somewhere that was out there, out there somewhere. I can’t explain it, but I knew that I was not just sitting in a room in my home, on this planet. I was also somewhere far, far away from here.

And then this past September I was so driven, actually drawn, to enroll in Christy Whitman‘s Light Body Meditation Course. I had no idea what it was all about, but somehow, I was so driven to it, so much so that I had to sign up for it. Even thought I didn’t know what it was all about. So I did. Well, it’s the best decision I have ever made in my whole life. And the way I even came to all of that is a story in itself. I’ve written a bit about that in past posts. About how my Rotator Cuff tear lead me to an Information Marketing Course that lead me to Christy Whitman‘s Quantum Success Coaching Academy that has led me to her Light Body Course. Funny thing is that Chrisy’s Light Body Meditation Course is only offered to Graduates of the Coaching Academy. But, they sent the Light Body Course Invitation to my Class by mistake. And I found myself deciding to jump in on it. Christy only accepts 25 students a year for this and somehow I am one of them this year. Whooo hooo for me. I pulled that one in, thank you Universe!

So, in getting back to “Relax and let it in”, this is a message that I received from my Guardian Angel, “K” that is what I call him. That’s the name I received during my meditations. Since doing all of this meditation and really connecting to the energy of the Universe, of God, Goddess, All That Is, what ever you want to call it, I now am developing an ability to Channel. Thoughts and information just come to me. Sounds really out there, really a bit strange, at least for me.  And to be honest, I can’t really explain it or even describe it. It’s more a feeling, an amazing feeling. And as you know with Law of Attraction it’s all about how you think, feel and vibrate.

Meditate, it’s really an amazing space to be in.

You really do connect to something that is bigger than yourself, an energy that you can really feel, something you sense. When you meditate you stop all resistance, your energy is freely flowing and receiving. I have been manifesting lots of things. And I am really happy and vibing really well. But I have this strong desire to manifest a lot of money. I live well now, I can’t complain. I have a beautiful home and lot’s of wonderful things. A really great marriage, a wonderful Son, friends, pets, etc. Of course there is always more stuff you can get. But, I really want to be able to help others. Not that handing money to someone will solve their problems, it won’t. Each person has to find their own solutions, passions, and find how to be in alignment with all they want to create in their life. If you know about Law of Attraction, then you know that it is something that we each have to do for ourselves. BUT, it will give me so much joy to just help out even in little ways to relieve some pressure and help others to feel free and then I can also help them to connect to who they really are.

So, I have not made that leap into manifesting way more money to my life, so I asked my guide “K” to give me a message as to what I need to do, what is it that is holding this back from me. And his message to me was “Relax and let it in” Such an easy thing, right. You would think so. But it seems I have to work at relaxing and letting it in. This is why I have chosen to write about meditation today. Meditation is the best way I know of to be able to just relax and let it in. Because when you are meditating you are so relaxed, so much so that you can fall asleep. And when meditating, I have had some really great inspiration come to me. Solutions to questions or things that I was working on, easily came to me once I was in that meditative space. “Relax and let it in”. These are my new words that I will live by. So simple, so simple. Yet, sometimes, so hard, so hard.

Before I knew about Law of Attraction, if I had something to solve, I did not relax and let it in. No way, I worked it, over thought it, kept going, going, going, until I finally did get to a result. But, I did not enjoy the journey and knowing what I know now, it took way longer than it needed to take to get to a resolution or solution. So, these days, I do enjoy my journey. I am going with the flow, and now i just have to “Relax and let it in”

Can’t wait to write more about the outcome of this new perspective. So give it a try. Meditate, you will love it. Don’t try to hard, just sit, relax, breath in deep, let your breath out, quite your mind and just relax. If you find too many thoughts racing through your mind, just imagine putting that thought in a bubble and letting it float away. Don’t worry about thoughts coming and going. I actually find that, that’s when the best inspiration pops into my mind. Meditate, have fun with it!

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig Meditate, relax and let it in!





  1. Beautiful post, Linda! I can so relate to it. I have always believed that meditation held a very powerful key to life, happiness and manifestation, yet for years I could never get into it, other than a guided meditation here and there. It wasn’t until about 6 months ago that I finally felt ready, and developed it as one of my daily habits. I have received too many gifts to count from my meditations, one of them also being a bit of “channeling” (don’t know how to describe it, either). The benefits are too great to keep track of, I will simply state that it is the single best thing I could and still can ever give to myself. Thanks for sharing your experience and reinforcing it for me :)
    Nova Wightman recently posted..Daily Rituals Are Your New Best FriendMy Profile

    • You’re welcome Nova, I am so happy that I finally have really gotten into meditating. I guess we come to it at the right time for ourselves. It is really amazing, and the connection to something bigger than yourself that you feel when meditating is really awesome.

  2. Linda, wonderful post! I have been meditating daily for a while now. I have found it very peaceful and relaxing. I, too, have had insights come to me while I meditate. We all have the ability to channel. It is only the matter of being open to it and it sounds like you have a connection. That’s fantastic! Thank you for sharing yourself.

    • Thank you Gretchen, The ability to channel is something I want to learn more about. I’m really excited about that and also just so happy to be meditating regularly. It really is a huge part of keeping your vibration high and manifesting your desires.

  3. I can’t believe I read this right now! Just finished a coaching session where the topic was meditation. And, I was mentioning that I have never had much luck with visualization meditation. I just don’t visualize in technicolor vivid pictures. As a matter of fact, I don’t see anything. We discussed just being still, quite, and “being” and relaxing. Don’t try, force, or think it should be a certain way. This is just what I needed, as I needed it, and perfect in content and timing. Of course it is, I’m totally supported by God at all times! Love you and love this post! God is good, all the time God is good. You rock sister!

    • Donna, isn’t it just great how the Universe gives us the right thing at the right time. I too am not very visual while meditating, which is strange for me because I am a very visual person. But, in my meditations I mostly see lots of color swirling around and here and there and in and out. BUT, I feel. I feel the energy coming into me and energy with me. Especially in guided meditations. I don’t really see the movie screen in front of me as most of my Clients do. But, I still get every bit of the effect and can go everywhere with the meditations, and can sense all that is going on around me. There is no wrong or right way to meditate, it is very individual.

  4. Great post Linda.

    I started Meditating a few years ago, and while I can’t prove that “it works”, I do know that I feel so much calmer, happier than I did before i started this practice. I have a daily habit of meditating every morning, and keep finding additional meditations to add to my practice.

    It feels wonderful to just sit quietly, focus on my breath, and as you say “relax and let it in”.
    Maxine recently posted..Letting goMy Profile

  5. I have been resisting meditation for some time. I am in the process of creating a new belief that money comes effortlessly – so it is a challenge to think money can just come from “allowing” during meditation. I love that you are sharing this because it is helping me see that you can just allow and let it in! I see you receiving your large amount of money – can’t wait to hear your story about how it came!!
    Nicole Stone recently posted..Whether you think you can or can’t…My Profile

  6. Love that you are sharing such wonderful info about meditation. The more we get ourselves and others to meditate the more of a peaceful approach to all life’s issues we have. Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes for the Lazy, Crazy and Time Deficient is ideal for getting you started or just giving you new tools to meditate easily and anywhere.

  7. Thanks for sharing your awesome experiences with meditation, and with following your bliss and intuition.

  8. Linda, this was a really inspirational post. Thanks so much for sharing! I need reminders often about taking that pause in my days to let it in!
    Jeanette Sandor recently posted..Write a new storyMy Profile

  9. Linda — great post! If you haven’t investigated Shamanism yet, you might want to give that a try. They teach how to do meditations to upper/lower worlds to meet your spirit guides – including animal guides. I’ve been practicing this form of meditation for about 7 years (in addition to Christy’s LightBody) and I’m actually writing a book about the experience. SO — keep a meditation journal!

    sheila recently posted..Big or small, there is power in miracles!My Profile

    • Thanks so much Sheila, I will check into Shamanism and I love your suggestion of keeping a meditation journal, I had not thought of that.



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