Intuition is your Guidance

Intuition is your Guidance



“Intuition is your guidance to the creations born from thought.”
~ Linda Armstrong

Intuition is your guidance Intuition is your Guidance

Intuition is your guidance. It is the absolute best guidance, best advice, EVER! Your intuition comes from your Higher Self. It is the messages given to you from the bigger part of you, the all knowing part of you, the part of you that always knows what is best for you. Always pay attention to that little voice inside of you. That voice that inspires you. Just the thought of that fills me with joy and excitement. I love when I get a thought or an idea that seems to pop out of nowhere. Well, it’s not nowhere it is actually everywhere! Your intuition is that bigger part of you, that is you, and is also the energy of the Universe. That energy that we are all a part of.

WOW, what a concept. Well, I find it to be my truth. The more I meditate and feel that energy flow into my body, the more I know of its truth. You hear talk of this big “Awakening”, at first I didn’t really understand it, I wasn’t really getting it. But, I have to say, I really do get it now. And… I have been lead to it. I’m experiencing my own Awakening. And as you may have read in my earlier articles, it all started with a tear in my Rotator Cuff. The experience of not being able to use my left shoulder, that is what my Higher Self did to get my attention. As a Karate Instructor this tear was not a good thing or so I thought at the time. Talk about weird, right? But it is so. This tear in my shoulder has lead me to my Career of Law of Attraction Life Coaching, Thought Empowerment, and into my world of Meditation. And with my new knowledge I healed my Rotator Cuff Tear. Pretty amazing and what a great acknowledgment of the Power-With-In. I have even registered that domain name because it really speaks to me, and I will be changing things up just a little. I can’t wait for my new website redesign to be ready. My Intuition is leading me to all of this new stuff to come.

I listen very closely to my intuition.

I ask questions and allow this inspiration to come. Because that is what it is, my intuition is inspiration. Even when the gut feeling, instinct, intuition, that you get is not of a new creation but of a warning of some kind. I listen. I know that my Higher Self is making me aware of what is in my best interest. I am not a fearful person so if my intuition is giving me some sort of warning, I listen. Warnings are not part of my conscious thought patterns. So if they come I know that it is something that I need to take note of.

I especially like when you sort of do something at a subconscious level, like you did this thing without thinking, but somehow just did it. And then it turns out to have been the best thing you could have done. Well, even that is your intuition guiding you. It’s always there. Your Higher Self is always there. The Bigger Part of you, your Inner Being, always there. Isn’t that comforting?

My Intuition is my Truth. It’s a part of me that is always there, that will always be there. It never dies, it is eternal. I have great respect for my intuition. It is my teacher. It’s me teaching me. We do have all our answers within us. This is why I love Coaching. I only guide my Clients to what they already know. I aide them in getting in touch with their Power-With-In, and from there they can just create, and live their desired life. It’s such an awesome job. Schedule for one of my FREE sessions and get in touch with your Power-With-In.

You do create your life, listen to that voice inside you, your intuition, it always knows best

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

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  1. I loved this post Linda. Thank you. I always used to follow my intuition, and it used to work always. My intuition has even saved my life during the war.
    Nikky44 recently posted..Living in a Fairy TaleMy Profile

    • Hi Nicole, I love how you acknowledge how your intuition has saved your life, and I know you mean that literally. Good for you for trusting and listening. It will always serve you in the best way!

  2. Follow your intuition is so simple, you just can’t believe it can be that easy – but, it is. We all know that small, still voice within – it’s saved us a thousand times, it’s smiled when we have ignored it knowing we would soon revisit and say “I should have listened to myself”, and it comes from the energy that creates worlds. When you say listen to you intuition; it resonates, makes sense, and surely will lead to the best outcomes. Great article and a fabulous reminder.

    • Thanks Donna, Intuition is a great gift! And it’s always there for you, love it!

  3. Thank you for your post Linda. Intuition is our guide, our wisdom, and our truth and what a powerful gift it is when we learn to tap into it and trust it!

    • Absolutely!Intuition is a powerful gift.



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