Open to receiving that Pure Positive Energy when it comes your way.

Open to receiving that Pure Positive Energy when it comes your way.

 Soak in that Pure Positive Energy!

I had a wonderful experience today as I was outside with my puppy. There I was outside at the back of my yard. I love my yard, it’s really big and has this wonderful small wooded area at the back. So I was back by the woods just playing with my pup. I looked up and right in full view was a beautiful bright red Cardinal. As I looked at him I felt this surge of positive energy go throughout my body. It was wonderful, almost like full body goose bumps only more subtle and soft. It was like receiving a huge hug full of love from this little bird. And then he flew off spreading those beautiful wings. WOW, it was such a simple yet amazing experience.

Cardinals are always a sign from the Universe for me. I had asked for Cardinals to appear in my view as my original test to the Universe to see if I really did have the power to create with my thoughts. I wrote about that first experience in my e-book, Think–Feel–Live.  So now every time they appear they are a message from the Universe that I am doing well and on track with my purpose. I don’t see them everyday although I hear them singing all around me. They seem to only show up in my view when they carry a message for me.

Today was just the best positive energy experience.

I had never felt a physical experience like this before when sighting my favorite bird. It really was a gift. I have been becoming more and more aware of the energy around me. And I believe it was a message from the Universe to reinforce for me how everything is energy and when we can open up to that knowing, we can begin to work with energy to live our desired lives.

I am so grateful for coming to this new ability. And really anyone can do that. It just takes becoming aware and taking notice of the most subtle changes in our experience. Open up to receiving these awesome little signs. Write them in your Appreciation/Gratitude Journal and then watch as more and more of them show up.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig Open to receiving that Pure Positive Energy when it comes your way.




  1. Awesome, now I know what a cardinal looks like. Keep living the law of attraction.

    • Yeah Lucy, aren’t they beautiful?

  2. just thank you master!
    i believe you

    sincerely ::mahram

    • You’re welcome Mahram! Imagine, Believe & Enjoy, Linda

  3. Hi, Linda!
    Back before I knew about LOA, I was going through a time of low-grade depression (what I called “dimness”, because it felt as if my light was dimming some), and saw a beautiful cardinal cross my path.
    I told Source that it made me more cheerful to see it~ and from then on, every single day, a cardinal would cross my path!
    I know now that I was attracting this uplifting little gift with LOA~ a few years later, I found out about LOA, and my life changed completely to the better! Yay LOA!
    Christine recently posted..The year of fun ~ the summer of UNdoingMy Profile

    • Yes, Law of Attraction is really amazing, always at work, but when we realize how to work with it, WOW, things start happening. I love your Cardinal story, so cool. Once we open up to this energy all around us we can start to see more of the messages being sent our way. I just LOVE it!

      • Hi Linda,
        Loved reading your story. Thought I would share one with you….one night last week when I took our dog out for her before bedtime walk, I heard an owl calling, it sounded so good. He/she called again, I looked up in the big tree in front of our garden and there it was. So big and majestic looking. It called again then opened those amazing wings and took off. It made me feel so good :-). Unfortunately it hasn’t Been back again. I feel sure it will.

        • Denise, I love your story! WOW, I have never had an encounter with an Owl. I would love that. I’ll put that one out to the Universe. I know that will feel so cool when it happens.

          That was a beautiful gift from the Universe, even if you never meet him again, he gave you a gift and made sure you knew it as he spoke to you 3 times. Really beautiful! Thanks for sharing it, Linda

  4. dear linda its work its work . not loa!!!
    some thing else happen for me

    i manage my thoughts and i force it force force it then my time pass so fast. i have not any laziness and i managed what i must think today by force . so i did it i could make it happen . i can control my thought not any more auto pilot!
    you told me that is the key ..thought.. so i told my self i am design for this universes so i accept it im useful i can tolerate these people . or bad things . then i did step bye step your orders . and statements . but im on starting of these life road and im new .
    i know i can make it . i can married or i can catch big job now. this is self esteem . am i right?

    i really love you . i wish if we had you by our side . you are the best and simple ..

    • Hi Mahram,

      Keep up the good work! So happy to hear that you are realizing that you DO have power over the life you live. You can really create with your thoughts. It’s actually the way it all happens for everyone whether they know it or not. The beauty is that once you really realize this you can NOW be in control.

      Do try not to make it seem like work. The more you get used to this and see that you can create with thought the more fun you will have creating. Be sure to think of it as being very focused, not as forcing. Forcing is kind of a negative feeling right? Use the word FOCUS, much better feeling when you think of it that way. You can have all those things. if you have not watched my videos yet, go to my LOA Video tips page. It might be even easier when you see and hear me speak of my success with Law of Attraction and working with energy.

      Have fun creating, Enjoy!

    • Thank you Anthony, your website is pretty awesome too! Love bringing in that positive light energy.



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