Our feelings are ENERGY

Our feelings are ENERGY

 “Our feelings are energy, so when you find the energy you want you can attach it to a desire.” ~ Linda Armstrong

When something is occurring in your experience pay attention to the emotion that you are feeling. This is the true indicator of what you are attracting into your life. We all know that Law of Attraction is all about like attracts like. So that is why it is so important to be aware of your feelings. Your feelings are your Emotional Guidance. I’ll add a graphic to this article so that you can see where all the emotions fall on the scale. You will notice that the emotions at the top of the scale are Love, Appreciation and Gratitude. Obviously those emotions feel GOOD. So you want to find ways to keep yourself in those high emotions. We all bounce around on this scale of emotions, but the goal is to be at or near the top as much as possible. This is why Law of Attraction Coaches often ask “How does that feel?”

Your emotional feelings are your guidance. When you become aware of where you are vibrating at anytime, then you have the power to find better feeling thoughts to take you to better feeling emotions. That’s it, plain and simple. It doesn’t get any easier than that. We can all choose better feeling thoughts at anytime. Just the slightest better feeling thought will start to bring you out of that funk you might be in. Just allow yourself to think them. I know sometimes it feels good to be in a not so good vibe. Pretty silly, but it’s comfortable, it’s what might actually feel comfortable because you spend a lot of time there. But, just think about it for a second. You have the power to think a better thought. That’s it. It doesn’t’ have to be complicated.

Emotional Scale Our feelings are ENERGY

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The vibration you send out is a signal. Your emotion is a vibrational signal. What ever signal you’re sending out will bring you more of that vibration. So if you stay stuck in unhappiness and don’t make the effort to think of how things can get better and focus on those new thoughts, you will only get more to be unhappy about.

So lets put a lit bit of a different swing on this. That feeling, that emotion that is your vibration… it is ENERGY! I love to write about energy because I get it now, everything is energy. Your thoughts accompanied with feelings are energy. Law of attraction will match the energy you send out. So be mindful of the actual feeling that the thought gives you. If you say “I am skinny” but the feelings you have when you say it are really broadcasting “I’m fat and I hate it” then that thought won’t serve you. But there are ways around that. A very easy thing to do is to say, “Wouldn’t it be nice to drop a few pounds and be skinny again” well that already feels better. And that’s all you need to do to shift the vibration to a more positive and good feeling. Just start the thought with “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”

Another amazing tool is Imagination!

In your imagination anything can be, plain and simple. It’s a story that you create. You are the Script Writer of your own movie. So you can imagine yourself feeling thin, wearing the clothes that make you feel good. Out with friends, receiving compliments, having people flirt with you. Now you know it always feels good when someone flirts with you. Maybe you are on a shopping spree for all the new clothes you’ve been wanting to buy once your thin. Maybe you write your story about being at the beach feeling so awesome in your new bathing suit. I can go on and on with stories of feeling good in your body. So that’s what you do. You create the story of what you want to live. Really FEEL the story as you think it. When I do this with Clients, they feel like they are actually living the story. Their vibration goes sky high. And from there, in that vibe, you can CREATE!

And then… take that feeling, which is energy, put it to your desire.

So, once you know the feeling you want to have. You can practice being in that feeling by making up all sorts of visualizations. AND THEN… take that feeling, which is ENERGY, and put it into your desire. Every time you think of being skinny again, just recall that feeling. Sort of like a memory. Recall the feeling and think of the desire. Have the thought of the desire attached to this awesome feeling, to the energy that is the desire.

This was just one example that many people can relate to, but this can be done for anything. I do this often as I teach my Karate Classes. If I feel the energy of the class going down or being taken over by a misbehaving child, I just decide and then I feel how I want the energy in the class to be. Every time, the energy will go back to what I am projecting. In fact, as I write this article my two puppies, Blythe and Neo starting getting a little to hight energy. They are only 5 months old and already weigh 60+ pounds. So they can get carried away. So as this unwanted energy just came about, I began to feel the energy that I wanted in the room. I projected an easy flowing soft energy, very calming. I’m happy to say that as I wrote this paragraph they are now both laying down quite and relaxing. They will probably fall asleep in a few minutes. Pretty awesome stuff, hey! Thank you Universe for giving me this example at this very moment in time. Now, there’s another small miracle, or message from the Universe. I was just given this situation to make an example of it.

So, I hope I got the idea across. Play with this and let me know how it works for you. I’ve been doing this for a while so it might not be as easy as what I just did with the dogs on your first try. But I know that you can do this too! Have fun with it. Be aware of how you feel and the emotional guidance scale and start changing your vibration to one that will match the desire you are wanting to achieve.

PS (the dogs are sleeping, aaawweeeesoooomme!)

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,
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    • Thank you very much Pat!



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