Split Energy – Stuck between two worlds

Split Energy – Stuck between two worlds

Everything really is ENERGY!

Many of you may know that I am also a Karate Instructor, I have my own Karate Dojo along with my Husband and my Son. So, I spent last week at a Karate World Tournament. I was deep into the Karate World and lost touch with my Law of Attraction Coaching World during that time. There was a lot of work leading up to this event and it was quite stressful being that there were so many people involved with doing so many different things to accommodate and entertain as well as be sure that all competitors had their matches scored and charted correctly. There were 21 Countries that took part in the event.

Well, I really lost touch with my true self. I became so entangled with so many other people’s energy. This is what I have come to realize after today. You see and hear it mentioned all the time about how everything is energy, well, I’m finding that to be so true. I realize this more and more each day as I travel on this journey that I am on. And I am so grateful for finally having this understanding.

My energy got so caught up and mixed in with so many other people’s energy that I actually started to not know where I belonged. It was like I had one foot in the Karate World and one in the LOA Coaching World. And you might be thinking, well, duh, isn’t that your everyday life. NO, this was different.

Normally I can blend the two worlds and they actually cross over nicely here and there. But now I found myself torn, not knowing where I belonged. I really felt lost. I did all that I needed to do for the tournament, and I was actually Coaching people here and there. It seems I’ve always done that. But this was really odd. And the result was that my energy really dipped.

And as much fun and excitement as there was during the tournament, there was also a whole lot of anxiety in making sure that everything ran smoothly. In fact, during this event I had a moment where things got really frantic as the team events came out, the energy was extreme at that time. And I had someone else dump a whole lot of their negative energy on me. And I sucked it all in to the point that I had to go the the ladies room to cry.

But, as I felt this come over me I realized that it was not my own energy, it actually belonged to someone else. So fortunately for me I knew how to release it. I went into the bathroom and I did a quick meditation. I quieted myself and I released all the energy that I had taken on from others, and then I called back all of my own scattered energy. Well, within minutes I was back to being me. That was a huge win.

We returned from this trip on Friday and I found that both Saturday and Sunday I was not myself, I was exhausted and I put it off as that, just exhaustion. But then I woke up today and this feeling had not left on it’s own. So, you say, well just coach yourself out of it. Reach for the next better feeling thought and go from there… It wasn’t working. I was not able to Coach myself out of it.

So, I did the next best thing…  I meditated !!

Oh my God, why didn’t I go there first? Everything is energy, and I just picked up a whole lot of International energy at the tournament. There was a lot of confusion mixed in with that energy. People not even knowing how to speak English. Not knowing which ring they would be in. Not knowing who they would be matched up with. Just a lot of energy swirling all around. Ever since I have been taking a Light Body Meditation Course I am really in tune with energy and still learning how to work with it but I now can easily absorb it. And in this case I took on more than I could handle.

So, I meditated and felt so much better and I was able to reconnect with myself. Also, I had emailed my Mentor and Light Body Instructor Christy Whitman to ask her for an energy healing to help me out of this funk. She came through in a big way.

Right before I left my home to go to my Karate School I looked around my home and yard and noticed how everything had become so crisp and vibrant. The colors were strikingly bright and vivid. Just everything looked so amazing to me. I knew right then that I had come back fully into myself.

Then after I arrived at my dojo and opened up my email, I saw that there was an email from Christy. She stated that she was sending energy now. That was at 3:02. And that IS the time when my whole world became crisp and vibrant again. Thank you Christy!

So next time you see a post about how everything is energy, think about it, and maybe start looking into it and learning more about it. It really is amazing. Everything is energy, and we can change the energy to change our own experience. That’s just AWESOME!

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig Split Energy – Stuck between two worlds


  1. Awesome. Linda, you are amazing. You have learnt so much and know how to apply it perfectly. You inspire me and am encouraged by your sharing. You have so much to share and you do so freely. You are giving many more people light, and in so doing, your own light will expand. Keep up the good work. If you can attract negative energy, who are we, should we experience same? The important thing is that we can learn from your experience. Thank you for sharing. Love and light,

  2. Dear Linda,

    thank you so much for sharing so openly and lovingly as your journey unfolds as a Law of Attraction life coach balancing it with your other expressions of love (Karate!). You show by example of your life how to make it all work. But more importantly, as a divine spirit and energy in your beautiful physical being transforming into a higher vision of you. I am going thru the QSCA course and am now in the last week of Light and Body module for which i feel is very life changing. I am also coming to understand that everything is energy and enjoying my daily learning of how to dance with energy and BECOME!

    I love and appreciate all your work.

    Thank you very much for being an inspiration.

    Love and Light,

    • Hi Karita! Isn’t the QSCA awesome! And the Light Body Module is life changing. You really should sign up for the Light Body Course when it comes around again, you will LOVE it. And that is the other big lesson over the past year. The Energy of Love! That is the ultimate energy and when you approach all things from that energy WOW! But, we forget sometimes. Using that energy during all of the fast paced energy of the tournament would have been a good thing to do. I actually lost sight of that. But, now I’m back to me. Thank you Universe!

  3. Hi Linda, i alws love reading your articles. One thing I couldn’t catch properly. Could you pls explain what you wanted to mean “splitting energy”? Is it the 2 things you mentioned here that the bad energy dumped on you by others & your own energy scattered away from you for few days?

    Thanks & love :)

    • The split energy was not knowing where do I belong, in my Karate World or LOA Coaching World, I was loosing touch with my own energy that knows how to blend the two together and make them work with me. The other person’s negative energy was what I picked up during this time and then released just about as fast as I had picked it up. Luckily I know how to work with energy and was able to see that it was not my own energy. But all of the energy that was present for those days was all too much to take and it took my meditating and receiving healing energy from my teacher to get back to me. I hope that helps.

  4. I love this, Linda, and I can so relate to your experience. I felt this way a lot when I would go to tkd tournaments (SO much going on at once, right?), or really anywhere where there were large groups of people and raw, emotional energy swirling – sometimes I would get “zapped” at the mall or grocery store, too, or weekends away with family/friends where I didn’t make my daily practices a priority. And you’re right, meditation was always the best way to get me back on track. Nowadays, when entering large events I set the intention to protect and harness my own energy, and actually picture a bubble or sphere of light around me, so that I can stay centered in alignment and continue to be of service versus getting scattered all over the place and feeling depleted. That’s the great thing about energy, your thoughts and feelings direct so you can literally make stuff up to help you manage it! Glad you are feeling yourself again, sounds like you got exactly what you needed out of this experience. Thanks for sharing!
    Nova Wightman recently posted..Having Fun – A Major Key to Alignment?My Profile

    • Nova I think of you a lot when I am doing energy work, somehow you pop into my mind. Probably because we are both on a similar path and have had similar experience with Martial Arts which is it’s own energy in itself. I love hearing from you!

    • Oh, and Nova, the bubble thing totally works, I had forgotten about that tool during this time, thanks for the reminder!

  5. Hi Linda and welcome back. I am sorry that you had such a negative experience during the tournament, but though this you got something so much bigger and shared your realness and strength so you continue to encourage me and keep me going in the direction I need to in order to create my “better” life. Thank you and congratulations on all the successes the tournament has brought to you.

    • Thanks Lia, the tournament was not a negative experience, I really loved it. It was just overwhelming as I picked up sooooo much energy from the whole enviornoment. It was actually a great experience and something I learned even more from in having to handle all of the energy that was all around and in me. So happy that you came to observe it. I wish I would have seen you there.

  6. Linda,
    What an inspiring post. Let’s me know I’m not the only one that must re-member myself and re-mind myself about who I really am. Once, it took me months to get back on track. Now, I am happy to say that now, this process only takes a day or two. Thanks for reminding us that we are human. But we also have the power to reconnect with our authentic selves and advance on our journey of become more full who we are.
    I so enjoy following your posts.
    Please take a moment to view and comment on my blog, http://www.journeyofagrownupblackwoman.com.

    Love & Blessings,

    • Hi Susan, we do go off track sometimes, but there is always something to learn from it. Nice thing is when we realize that the energy we are taking on is not our own, we can release it and get back in touch with our true self. I will visit your blog!

  7. I believe that you were meant to experience this so you can understand what it is you studied. An epiphany or aha moment. I had been through a very tragic situation in my life that actually helped me understand how connected we really are and…how to drop my ego and live in the present moment. This was because it was all I thought about after reading Eckhart Tolle and really wanting to understand the concept of it all. I feel that the tragic or tough situations, are the enlightening situations. Without dark…we wouldn’t know or understand what light is.

    You were ready for that experience, and, it was meant to be. You made it through to inform the rest of the energy and light beings that follow you. We have to practice what we preach. What we think, we become…or experience!

    Congratulations! : )

    • It is amazing when you realize that every experience is one to learn from no matter how bad it might seem. Luckily my experience was just minor, but it did show me how I now have the ability to reconnect with myself, and quite easily once I decide to sit quietly and reconnect to my inner self. I really appreciate your comment and point of view. I hope that others have learned that they too can reconnect. Everything is ENERGY! Thanks!

  8. Thank you, Linda. I am so glad I stumbled upon this today.
    It’s a wonderful reminder how powerful the Law of Attraction truely is and how we can forget all about creating our reality when we are feeling less-than. Then our thoughts run wild and suddenly we’re attracting all sorts of situations we never really wanted…and we wonder why…
    What I am finding at the moment is that Im manifesting things much quicker than before and have to be very careful and clear in my thinking.
    What I would like to know is how does one shift ones energy when all hope seems lost and the body is struggling physically?
    There are so many people who are going through rough times in this ‘economic recession’ we supposed to be having…people who are struggling on emotional levels,concerned about what the future holds…
    What do you suggest?


    • Hi Elize, It always comes down to your thoughts. I feel that visualization is the best way to turn a situation around. Worrying about it will just perpetuate the situation. The only way to change it is to change the energy around it and you do that with your thoughts and feelings. I made a video about Visualization, you can see it on my LOA Video Tips page. Also, mediation is really a great way to raise your vibration and get connected with your true self. You can receive inspiration when you meditate and find solutions just by being in that quiet space. I have healed my Rotator Cuff tear with meditation. I decided that my body can heal itself and I would meditate and send the energy of LOVE to my shoulder. I have to say, I healed it in about one months time, it was amazing. Here is a link to a movie “The Cure is U”, it’s really excellent! It’s all about our ability to cure ourselves. Check it out: http://www.cureisu.com/AP.aspx?ID=973&EID=20448759

    • Thanks so much Kim, for mentioning my in your article. I just read your article and left a comment. It is really amazing how energy effects everything, and how we can create with it.



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