I am in awe with the Universe today!


I’m almost speechless, I kind of can’t believe the abundance that is showering down on me today. I have had 700+ new likes on my Facebook Fanpage since last night. I have an unbelievable amount of new people opting into my website. I am receiving such beautiful comments on my posts in all of the places that I communicate through.

I am in awe with the Universe today!!!!! You really do get what you think about. And I am soooo happy to be a Thought Empowerment Coach. I believe the Universe and my Spirit Guide are sending me a message that I am right on purpose.


So, I had made up an audio file earlier today. Funny that I speak about how nothing is a coincidence and the right things come to you at the right time. I believe the Universe is sending me lots of gifts today, I am loving it. This energy of LOVE is really amazing. Live your life through that energy and watch what happens.

Here’s the audio, it’s a little long, 4 minutes:
Right thing, right time  I’m having trouble loading the player, please click the link to hear the audio.

Interestingly enough, I have a call scheduled for tonight at 7:30 with one of the people who know me from this site. I have Coached her once, I gave her one of my FREE Coaching Sessions. Well, earlier this week she emailed me with a question about LOA. I told her it was too much to email about and that I would love to speak to her, so we scheduled a call.

This is what she asked me:

“One thing I never understood about prayer is if you pray for something and it doesn’t come true/happen, people say, “It wasn’t meant to be” or “It’s just not the right time.” I always found that weird, like they believed in the prayer when they were doing it, but when it didn’t work, they gave it some sort of excuse as to why it didn’t work.

I sort of feel the same about the LOA. I don’t WANT to doubt it, in fact I love learning about it. But when I write something down or think positively and something doesn’t happen, I can’t help but wonder if it IS all just a coincidence. This is just something I’ve been struggling with”.

The Energy of the Universe is guiding me.

So now, I truly believe that part of what I am experiencing today is so that I can help this person as we speak tonight. I had planned to talk to her about my experiences to date and what I feel about LOA and how nothing that happens is a coincidence. It is all created by you and born of your thoughts and desires. Well, after today, I feel like I am being given more of my own evidence to share with her in the hopes that she will find her own.  How AWESOME is that? The Universe is always guiding me.

By acknowledging all of my successes no matter how small more are coming to me. It is Law of Attraction bringing me more of what I am vibrating to. When I am writing my successes in my journal and feeling how great they make me feel I am setting myself up for more. By playing with the Universal Manager, I’ve written about that before, I have developed so much trust in the Universe bringing me the right things at the right time.

Knowing about Law of Attraction and this awesome energy of the Universe I am loving creating my life. I’m loving guiding others to do the same. And I am so grateful for having these experiences.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,



    • Thank you Nicole ♥

  1. I do feel am fine, happy, with contentment.

    wishing I can express how grateful I am with you law of attractions.

    from now on I will follow every word and guidance from all of you, which I think you Are PART OF the manifestation of universe which until today (will be eighty years on june 14) i dont really know, why I am here, now, and until the time stops (does really time have a stop ?)

    • Hi Winarta, Thank you for stopping by my website. WOW, 80 years, how wonderful. Actually time is just an illusion, but I’d say it doesn’t stop, our form changes. We are either a part of this agreed upon time, space, life or we are a part of all that is of the MulitVerse. With a body or without a body. Happy 80th Birthday!!!


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