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This is my e-book, find out how you can start working with the Law of Attraction today!

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What if I do have the power to create with my thoughts?

Unfortunately we seemed to have lost the idea of EASY. These days we tend to complicate everything. We tend to look for the downside, the catch, or expect the other shoe to drop. We don’t allow ourselves to just get excited and feel happy about life and the things that we want. Instead we add the “what if….”, what if it doesn’t work out, what if I can’t get the money to do it, what if, what if, what if. Only thing is, that these negative “what if” statements are crushing our dreams.

Instead we need to “what if” in a positive way. What if this idea works… I will be so happy. What if the money I need to do this with shows up out of nowhere, what if I really do have the power to create anything I want in life. WHAT IF!

We do create our own lives, this is the truth that I’ve come to learn. Things don’t happen by chance. We are not the victims of circumstance. There is no such thing as coincidence. We create the good and the bad, it all comes from our own thoughts. My goal is to help others see how they can start using the Law of Attraction to manifest their desires. And I know that you will find this e-book helpful at explaining in simple terms, how you can get started using Law of Attraction today!

It is a Universal Law – you get what you think about so, THINK BIG!

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5 Steps to Turn On your Power–With–In

I’ve written in this e-book the 5 steps that I find work for me to turn on and connect with my Power–With–In. It’s with these steps that I am able to keep my vibration high. When you can maintain feeling good most of the time you are well on your way to living your desired happy life. With my connection to my Power–With–In and knowing that I create my own reality, and then deliberately choosing the thoughts I think and feel, while keeping myself positively focused on my desires, and tapping into the amazing energy of this Universe . . .
I AM living my HAPPY LIFE and creating my desires.

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Playing a game with the Universe

Download my FREE mini e-book “Playing a game with the Universe” This is actually a part of the Think-Feel-Live e-book. It’s a game I played when I first learned about Law of Attraction. It was my test to see if I can really create with my thoughts.

Test the power of your thoughts!

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PS.This is my purpose in life, helping people to really start living their lives using their thoughts and feelings and working with ENERGY. I am honored that you’ve taken the time already to learn about the Law of Attraction and I hope that you continue to enjoy your journey of discovery of how to use your thoughts to create your life. You deserve the best that life has to offer you. Thank you for your time and hopefully our paths will cross in the future and you can share your story of success and creation with me.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

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