The Universe granted my wish!

The Universe granted my wish!



Today the Universe gave me the gift of witnessing a community of birds encourage a baby, a little fledgling,
to take flight.

DSC06468 300x203 The Universe granted my wish!It was awesome! We Law of Attraction Practitioners use that phrase “Birds of a feather flock together”. I had a chance to witness that today. I had been watching these little birds from when they were just eggs being incubated by a couple of birds. A House Wren and Carolina Wren to be exact. I’m not even sure how many were taking turns on the nest, except that for sure there were two types of birds. There had been two white eggs and two blue eggs in the nest. After today I feel it was a real community function.

There were the 4 eggs to start, only two hatched. I watched these birds as they developed each day. I took a few photos, next time I think I will document it more thoroughly. It is amazing how much they change in a day. Each day they developed so much more. The nest they hatched in was quite tiny. It would fit in the cupped palm of my hand. As they grew bigger I couldn’t see how much longer they could both stay in there.

I asked the Universe to orchestrate events so that I will be able to witness them take flight. Yesterday while I was in a Coaching session with a Client one of the hatchlings fledged. I missed it. I had peeked at them before my session and then again right after and one had left. I was very happy for that little one and slightly concerned that the Universe may not be able to orchestrate my desire. I knew that today, Saturday, I would be busy most of the day at my Karate School. After the events of the day I had a few more things to do before I could return home. And I thought to myself, well, it’s still daylight out and still possible that I will be able to see the other little bird take flight.

Now, I forgot to mention that I had utilized my Pendulum yesterday and asked if today, Saturday, will be the day that the other bird took flight. The answer was YES. Trusting in the answers I receive when consulting my Pendulum I knew it would be today. So now, I arrive home feeling like that little guy would still be there because I asked the Universe to bring me this desire, and I fully trusted that it would, so I really expected to see that little guy there even though I’ve returned home quite late.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe!

I returned home and sure enough this little bird was still in the nest. Thank you Universe! So I went about doing a few things and would keep peaking at him. He didn’t look too strong and I was a bit worried that he might not be well. But, It is in Nature’s hands so I didn’t worry about him. I went outside to take a closer look and was talking to him. I could easily touch him he was in a little nest in a small Azalea tree in one of my flower beds. So I stood there looking at him and talking to him. He wasn’t worried, he knew me pretty well by now. But, the other birds were not too happy about my action. One of the birds watching swooped down quite close to me as to give me a warning. So I listened and went back inside. I started to hear a lot of activity and went to the window to look.

What I witnessed from then on was just wonderful. Many birds, Wrens, were coming into the tree with food in their beaks and bouncing from branch to branch trying to encourage this little guy to leave the nest. It’s like they were showing him what to do. Eventually he did bounce up out of the nest onto another branch. He was very shakey and unsure of his ability to use his wings.  There were at least 4 or 5 different birds coming into the tree to encourage him.

DSC06453 300x224 The Universe granted my wish!So now I decide that I’ll go out and encourage him too. I stood further away with my binoculars and was sending him energy and flowing my encouragement to him. Well, his flock didn’t like that, so another bird came flying towards me a bit low sending me a message to go back inside. Which I did of course. I then watched the rest of the show from my window.

The little guy moved to another branch but still didn’t have the courage to fly away. Other birds came to the tree with food in their beaks bouncing from branch to branch trying to get him to take flight. Once in a while they would give him the food, but mostly they just enticed him with it. Then he finally made the big jump and spread his wings and was sort of sinking down and then landed on my old mini cooper that we have yet to restore. Now he was stuck on the hood of that car.

Well, I had to go outside and watch again, binoculars in hand. It was just amazing to watch as a couple of birds would come onto the hood of the car, food in their beaks, and then fly up to the roof of the car. The little guy made it to the windshield wipers. The other birds still kept teasing him with food and would take flight, then come back, then take flight, then come back…  The little guy now flew up to the roof, where he found  himself comfortable again. So now the other birds are going from the roof of the car up to the branches in the tree above. I’m thinking that I hope he decides to fly soon because there are a lot of Hawks here and I’m hoping that they don’t spot him.

Yeah! He flew off the car into the bushes, but low in the bushes. The other birds again were bouncing from branch to branch showing this little guy what to do. Finally, I saw the little guy take flight into my neighbors yard. Plenty of trees and bushes there, where I’m sure this guy continued to receive flight lessons.

It was an awesome experience. The Universe granted me my wish to see this little guy take flight. But, the Universe delivered above and beyond my expectations by allowing me to witness the flight lessons this little bird was receiving from his flock of birds. It was just awesome, I’m so grateful that I was given the gift of watching this whole event take place.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig The Universe granted my wish!


  1. Goosebumps as I read this amazing post. What a blessing from God! Marinate in the joy of this incredible moment. Such a fabulous gift to have been given. Doing the happy dance for you my treasured friend.

    • It was sooooo awesome Donna! I had to write about it, this way I can read this later on and relive the experience. The Universe is always working for us, we just need to trust and allow, how cool is that?

  2. Wonderful!

    • Thank you Kyllikki

  3. Awesome, how amazing it is to be able to watch nature so closely. Uplifting.

    • It was Awesome Lucy, I was loving every minute!

  4. Awesome. Thank you for this heart warming blog.

    • You’re welcome Alison, it was an awesome experience!

    • Yes it is Nicole, and I have been experiencing this more and more. It is the power of thought, it’s Law of Attraction. It is working with energy. It’s all things that I love. This is an amazing Journey!

  5. Linda, how awesome that you were given this gift. Nature is surrounding you with love.

    • Thanks Kathie, It was an awesome experience, I enjoyed every minute!

  6. How did you ask universe?

    • I just simply asked, that’s all, no magic. Just ask your questions and watch your answers come. It is really amazing!



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