The Universe will bring to me the right things at the right time.

The Universe will bring to me the right things at the right time.


I trust that the Universe will bring to me
the right thing at the right time.

Have you ever had things just work out, without even trying, that’s the Universe at work. It is something that I am starting to find happening for me more and more since I started to realize that we are all energy and we are all connected to the Universe. We all share the same energy. I am not a religious person, but I am very spiritual. I do believe we are all connected. I am my own energetic being and I can tap into the energy that is all around us that makes up this Universe. And I now trust in that energy to help guide me.

Have you ever had a great idea just pop into your mind? Most likely when you were distracted from that thing you were working so hard on. I use to find that to be true when I worked in Advertising. I would wreck my mind to come up with a great design that got the message across that was needed for a particular project. It was usually when I was not actually working on the project that the best ideas came to me. It would come in my dreams or in the shower, or just when I was driving in my car. The times when I wasn’t stressing are the times when the best ideas came. I didn’t put that together back then. It didn’t really occur to me that when I was not stuck in trying to find my solution, that I actually would find the solution. That’s when inspiration would come to me.

Purple Universe by Sweet Neko 300x225 The Universe will bring to me the right things at the right time.I know that the larger part of me is connected to the Universe.

What I realize now is that the bigger part of me, the part that is hooked into Universal Energy, was bringing to me, my answers. I was always appreciative of those great ideas when they came, but I didn’t give any credit to the Universe for the answer, I just assumed that I had a great dream, or that it was good to distract myself from getting stuck into the problem. Which is true, distraction is best. But the missing ingredient for me back then was that the Universe was on my team. I have my very own Universal Manager always at work for me.

The thing is to be allowing. You’ve heard of the Law of Allowing. When you come to an understanding that you are going to allow things to occur in their own time. That you know it will all work out. That you are open to inspiration to lead the way. Then you can have the perspective of knowing that it will work out in the way that is best for you. You are allowing events to unfold in a natural way, one that is full of inspiration, without fear of it not working out. There may be times when you are confused because you don’t see how certain events are helping you, it may feel like they are hurting you, but in those, if you can trust that there is a reason for it, maybe there is something to be learned that will take you even further to your desire,

There must be many times in your life that if you look back at those things that didn’t feel so good at the time, you can see now how it was actually a blessing in disguise.  I have quite a few. And as I look at them now I am grateful for them. Even though it didn’t feel so good back then.

The nice thing for me now, is that in knowing that the Universe will help guide me and inspire me, I have only been having good things happen. Things go more smoothly. I feel good all the time. In knowing and allowing for my desires to come to me I am learning patience. I know that what I desire will come to me at the right time for me. I can really feel the energy of the Universe all around me.

So how does that affirmation feel to you? “The Universe will bring to me the right things at the right time.”

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,
LINDAS sig The Universe will bring to me the right things at the right time.


  1. So true! Faith that the Universe is working on my behalf – a great reminder. I love the fact we are all connected, something feels so right about that.

  2. “The Universe will bring to me the right things at the right time.” I like to remind myself that there is no rush. I don’t have to feel the pressure to get everything done ASAP. I actually have time to stop and smell the roses! I just need to remember to DO it!



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