Law of Attraction | There are always Two Sides to the Story

Law of Attraction | There are always Two Sides to the Story


Law of Attraction | There are always Two Sides to the Story

With our thoughts the opposite of positive is negative.  If you are wanting a new home, the opposite of that would be living in the old home.  The opposite of rich is poor, happy is sad, excited, bored. You know. If you are aware that there are two sides to every story, when you are noticing the absence of something you also know of the presence of that thing.  So you can choose to switch your perspective from something bad to something good, It is just the opposite side of the thought. There are many Law of Attraction process that will help you to do just that.

fmaskstrings Law of Attraction | There are always Two Sides to the StoryWithout knowing what you don’t want it would be hard to figure out what you do want.  So if you can start to realize that you do actually benefit from the bad things that occur you will be able to really start creating what you do want.  The next time something happens that you really don’t want to include in your life experience, take a few minutes to think about what occurred. Then ask yourself “What is it that I do want”  After that you can go on to ask yourself ” Why do I want it?”  And then after that,  my favorite part of this line of questioning, “How do I want to feel in the having of it?” A Law of Attraction basic.

These three questions are really powerful. Law of Attraction teaches us that these three questions are the road map from what you don’t want to what you do want.  In every problem, there is a solution. Two sides to the story.  Your job is to create the story how you want it to be in reality.  There is a Law of Attraction process called Scripting where you write a script of how your life will be unfolding. Even when you have no clue as to how to get to that reality, as long as you know what you want and focus on it, you will be able to guide yourself to it. Inspiration will come to you as you keep that focus.  It really helps to have a Law of Attraction Coach to keep you on track to achieving that desire.  The Coach will keep you on track and guide you to a higher vibration.  A good feeling place. A space that makes you feel like you can do anything.  And the truth is…….. you can.

In every situation there is always the possibility and the ability to achieve what you are truly wanting.  If you are in debt, there is always a way to get out of debt.  If you are overweight, there is always the possibility to become thin.  If you are always worried, there is the possibility to become more care free.  Once you are clear on what you DO want, the journey can begin. Learning about the Law of Attraction is your first step.

There are many Law of Attraction processes to help you shift your energy.

One way to begin the process of shifting your energy from the unwanted to the wanted is to PIVOT from what you are stuck focusing on (the unwanted)  to what you really want.  Pivoting is a Law of Attraction process I use with my Coaching Clients. You start by acknowledging where you are and accept everything as it is. At that point you will begin to drop the resistance you have around the unwanted situation.  Resistance is the enemy, it is the negative energy, the opposite of what you want.  As you release that resistance by accepting where you are and allowing yourself to be there you can then move on to a better feeling place.  Without the resistance you will start to see evidence of things changing for the better.  Then negative things will start to be replaced with positive things.

From this point your only job is to focus on what you do want.  As you think of what you do want, create a story in your mind of the goal you want to achieve.  If you hold on to a better feeling thought for just 17 seconds more good feeling thoughts will pop into your mind.  It’s Law of Attraction at it’s best.  Before only a few minutes you will begin creating a wonderful new story that feels really good in your body. You are now on that path to your desire.

I will be writing about many processes that you can use to keep your energy high.  I’ll give you tools that you can use to create your new story. You will be amazed at how when you stay focused on this new good feeling story that things start showing up in your life that will blow you away.  Even the smallest of things will show up and remind you that you are on the right course.  Just keep creating your life in your mind with your thoughts and reality will be sure to follow including all that good stuff you have been focused on.  We get what we think about, THINK BIG! The Law of Attraction works!

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

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