There is an Abundance of Law of Attraction Teachers

There is an Abundance of  Law of Attraction Teachers


Thank you Universe for the Abundance of
Law of Attraction Teachers.

Teachers only open the door 200x300 There is an Abundance of  Law of Attraction TeachersIn my opinion there can’t be too many. For me, my source is Abraham–Hicks. I use Abraham’s processes when I coach and I live by their teachings. I’m happy to be one of the many who are teaching others how to live their life by deliberately applying the Law of Attraction.

I credit what I have learned and am still learning to Abraham, Christy Whitman, who has Certified me as a Law Of Attraction Life Coach and to Orin and Daben for their amazing teachings of Awakening my Light Body. Up until now, these are my Amazing Teachers. I don’t know what the Universe will lead me to next, but I do know that it will be more and more incredible information that will help me and the Clients that I Coach.

So my article today is about a comment that I somehow attracted to myself that has made me think. Why did I pull this in? Of course I know that there is something to learn from it. The comment is “yet another “law of attraction life coach” plagiarizing Abraham Hicks for profit. way to go.”

Hmmm, so I thought, well here is someone who is obviously upset, I’ll email him and get some communication going to soothe his upset. So, I did, he came back with more accusations and then I sent him my e-book, and then he came back with more nonsense, so I replied one last time and told him that I would not respond again.

Anyway, I don’t think that anything I wrote to him made a difference. I kept it all very positive and hopefully informative. Didn’t matter, he is stuck on having only Abraham speak about Law of Attraction and the rest of us shouldn’t share their words because they are not our own original words. We are all plagiarizing and making a profit from it in his eyes. Never mind the many people that we are helping using these teachings.

But, I think what I am getting from this is an even stronger knowing that this IS an Abundant Universe. There cannot be too many Law of Attraction Teachers or Coaches. We are really just a drop in the bucket when you think about how many people are walking around on this planet. With all of us that are out there sharing this information we don’t even reach the smallest drop in the bucket of people out there. There are so many that can benefit from knowing about the Universal Laws, meditation, etc. And when they are ready to receive this information we will be there for them.

So what did I learn from this experience? I believe the message is contained in this quote…

“Your Teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself” ~ Chinese Proverb

Funny thing is that I came across this quote and photo only today! How’s that for evidence of the Law of Attraction in action.

There is always something to learn.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig There is an Abundance of  Law of Attraction Teachers


  1. Hi Linda, I have been reading Abraham’s word for years, but until I had a coach, I wasn’t really getting into the feeling place and shifting. My LOA coach has taken me places that 40 years of therapy never did. I don’t know what you had to learn from this man’s negativity, but it’s his problem. I’m sorry that he will never know the wonderful relationship that develops in the coaching sessions.

    • Very well said Barbara! Thanks.

  2. Linda:
    I believe what this person missed is in all of Abraham’s teachings, we are taught to SHARE. The Universe itself opens up to those who share their hearts – in many formats and fashions. Every teacher has a, perhaps slightly, different format of teaching the same subject. Things I may have missed with Abraham’s teachings I have connected with your method.
    I have to begin to wonder for a man who is so set on “JUST” the teachings of Abraham, is he following Abraham’s teachings of the Laws of Attraction? or is he following Abraham? From my perspective, the LOA do not teach us to attack others.

    • Thanks Charlie, yes, I thought it very strange for someone who seems to want to be a protector of Abraham not to have really received the teachings. I attempted to soothe him, but he seems set on holding his anger. But, as you know everyone has their own vibration and we are drawn to those who are like minded, like vibration, and there is a perfect match of teacher and student, Coach to Client. Which is why I wondered where did this come from? And why?

      • You attracted it to help you get more clear on who you want to attract to you and your coaching practice. You attracted it to help you write this beautiful post and to remind us all that that the Universe is Abundant and we are all encouraged to share what we have learned and what we understand to help to uplift those who are ready. It doesn’t mean that you are doing or feeling anything wrong which caused you to attract contrast, it just means that you were ready for more expansion.
        Melissa Wright recently posted..Today I Get To…My Profile

        • Ooooh, I love that Melissa! Ready for more expansion, that’s perfect. I have had some big leaps this past week which might have something to do with this. Yes, totally ready for more expansion. I love your take on it! Thank you ♥

  3. We are ALL students and teachers at the same time. we learn from people and we teach others. That’s life. Our school teachers are also teaching what they have learned from others? Is that wrong?
    Nikky44 recently posted..Sisterhood Award: A smile in the darkMy Profile

    • Yes imagine that! We wouldn’t be able to learn at all if not for those who expressed their thoughts and ideas before us. Thanks Nikki!

  4. Linda, I think that you still taught this guy a lesson.
    If his resistance was a 100% to a flow of life, now it is 90%.
    And you improved the overall vibration of the Earth.
    So, congratulations you are an amazing coach.

    • Thanks so much Bronya, that means a lot to me!

  5. HI Linda, I agree with your sentiment. Every great teacher, the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Gandhi, could you imagine if no one else ever spoke their wisdom and we would not have benefited from these great teachings. I put Abraham Hicks in the same category and am happy to be a conduit to their wisdom!
    Jeanette Sandor recently posted..Say YES to LESSMy Profile

    • Absolutely Jeanette! And I am so happy to be right there with you in the Sea of Law of Attraction Life Coaches!

  6. If Abraham is god/source which they are, and you are god/source which you are then I would know and be glad that god/source is eternally unfolding, expanding and expressing in many creative and abundant ways. Experiencing and being it’self god/source which is you and me and Abraham and All That Is. Keep up the good work! You are awesome and do an absoultly astounding job of relating the material and sharing yourself, your understanding,your love, and the message.
    Sally Carmany
    Fellow traveler and also QSCA CC Practioner :) in the same class! spring 2011 :)

    • WOW,Sally, chills all over my body! Thanks so much for your words my fellow traveler!

  7. Esther Hicks didn’t invent Law of Attraction. Some fault her, saying that by taking wisdom from Abraham, a spiritual presence giving ideas for the world to live better, and selling it in books and workshops, she is profiteering. I disagree. The info is there and has been there for centuries (New Age is the biggest misnomer around!) for anyone to use and Law of Attraction will tell you that you can’t have an overabundance of voices interpreting and spreading the message. And, if your critic is truly a follower of Esther Hicks, he would understand that it’s when “your heart sings at the success of another” that your abundance will flow and that by finding fault with you, he is blocking his own flow.
    So, go for it, Linda. I support you in your path…

    • Thanks Jeanne! I really appreciate your support. You are correct, there is no such thing as overabundance!

  8. Hi Linda, I am sorry about the negative comment someone left for you. Its his loss. Its too bad some people will not open their minds more.

    • Thank you Jamie! Maybe I started a little crack for him to start to be able to open up to more somehow, someway.

  9. What a shame that this person felt the need to add this negative comment to your blog. But I would like to acknowledge you for the way you dealt with his negativity.

    There will always be people who judge others, and that’s their problem! You are a great coach, who is passionate about sharing the law of attraction with others, and I know that your motivation is to serve. How could that possibly be wrong?

    I too received a negative email about one of my blogs, and after deleting the very long initial draft, my reply was short and courteous.

    “You can choose to read my blog or not. You can choose to feel positive or negative about the work I do. How you feel is your work, not mine”

    Keep up the great work Linda
    Maxine recently posted..Giving an “A”My Profile

    • Thanks Maxine! I attempted to soothe his energy, I just may have, but I thought that maybe there was a reason why it came to me. And I think it was just more acknowledgment that we live in an Abundant Universe. And we are all each entitled to feel how we choose.

  10. Hi Linda,

    I do believe that some people are “stuck” and if you offer your help it is a caring gesture but not always appreciated and the only thing to do is pass on offering more help if the person is never going to be open to change. Interesting that you should use that quote because I told a friend about your helping me (she has been trying to push self help tapes/books and religion on me for years). When I told her that one session with you and your follow up has transformed me and I am practicing the things we talked about daily she said “when the student is ready the teacher will come”. I needed the help that would work for me and you reached out and were there and more than that you continue to show you care, therefore, I am reminded to practice this which I believe is working and holding me together now and keeping me moving forward.

    Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

    Enjoy the day, Lia

    • I love you Lia, you will be living the life you desire, and it will come sooner than you think. You will be amazed and delighted!

  11. Hi Linda if you really wanted to take that guys thoughts to the nth degree, WE ARE ALL PLAGERISING, with every thought and word we say, we are clearly part of a much BIGGER picture. The more i think we are having an original thought, the more i discover its been done/thought of before sometimes thousands of years before….. He probably has some latent female issues as surley it shouldnt matter who is delivering the teaching ITS THE LESSONS THAT COUNT i’ll send him some Healing Light :)

    • Ahhh, thank you for that Fiona. I will send him Healing Light, that’s perfect!

  12. Well Linda,I don’t believe that u did anything wrong, I appreciate and I am greatful for your ability to share and coach.It is a gift that should be shared. I think this is not about teaching somebody a lesson as we all have to learn it on our own.You just open a new door to learning and brought forward information, knowledge and messages. I heard that when the student is ready the teacher will arive. He may have stumble into the teacher but not recognized it. I do have a problem with the way nowdays sharing somebody’s words, ideeas and teachings are seen always as plagirism. Instead, I wonder why is not seen as the good that brings to people all around, when the opportunity arises. Exposing people to all this information, knowlwdge and messages has a possitive influence and brings awareness of the need and want to change oneself. You know very well that you cannot change anybody thinking or anything else unless they become aware and want to. If you love what you do keep on, you are on the right path! Love now and always Liliana :)

    • Thank you Liliana, I do LOVE what I am doing and I see the effect it has on the people I interact with. It is truly awesome. This was just something that I thought hmmm where did that come from?

  13. I believe Abraham is amazing.
    I believe anyone who listens to Abraham is amazing.
    I believe anyone who relays Abraham’s message to others is amazing.
    I believe YOU are amazing.
    I believe negative people/experiences are brought into our lives to remind us of what we know to be true.
    I believe these negative experiences can be flipped into a positive ones and therefore bring joy along with them.

    Have an extraordinarily amazing day<3


    • And I believe that you Rachel are AMAZING! Thank you for your comment!

  14. HI Linda,
    I love everyone’s comments and agree with them all. Perhaps, what you can gain for yourself through this process is that you want to keep in the vibration of attracting those who are ready to hear and learn! He was just contrary to that and as Abraham says, those conflicting vibrations show us what it is we really want….And you want to support people in having extraordinary lives by focusing in on the goal/the higher vibrations and how our thoughts create our reality.

    You seem to be doing such a great job and as others have said, this is the place to acknowledge it is his “stuff”. As in one of the 4 Agreements: “Don’t take it personally”…you can then keep that vibration out of yours by no longer focusing in on it…turning your attention back to serving those who are open and ready to receive the teachings of the LOA!

    And, yes they’ve been around forever…I believe Abraham has even said they are not the end all be all…

    As a hypnotherapist, I also educate my clients on the LOA, as it is naturally the basis of how the mind works…and when we can use our subconscious mind to support us in releasing those old negative beliefs and thoughts, we can then keep the focus, the energy and vibration alive to achieve what it is we want.

    Thanks for reaching out to your readership for feedback. Great interaction going on here!

    • Thanks so much Jackie! I know it’s his stuff, but thought maybe he was reaching out in the only way he knows how. So I attempted to soothe his energy. I guess I learned that you can’t help everyone and now and then you might pull in something that doesn’t fit and to acknowledge that and not try to help if they just are not ready. But mostly I have a stronger knowing of how there cannot be enough people spreading this info.

  15. I love how you used this opportunity and handled it all with Grace. The point is, it had nothing to do with you. It’s a projection of his own thoughts, beliefs. The 4 Agreements Come to Mind… everyone sees the world through their own lens. And to take nothing personally. The wisest leaders Observe. And just remember what Elanor Roosevelt said, What you think of me is none of my business. Stay in Divine Service with a pure heart and all will be served. I LOVE love love love love Abe Hicks work and have bee working with the Law of Attraction looooooog before it was “cool” and mainstream. And I’m STILL learning and refining. Keep up your beautiful work. xoxox

    • Thank you Kathi, I sooooo love working with the Law of Attraction!

  16. Linda,
    I sent healing light to the guy who sent you the comment. By reading what you have written, it seems that LOA is way more than thinking & meditating but a way of learning and being! I am impressed that you handled yourself with dignity & respect. If we never shared information from others, what would our children learn in school? Maybe he is having a hard time in his life so he is lashing out. No worries though as you know!! Thank you for sharing this & be blessed.

    • Thank you Karen, I will also send him healing light. And of course I’ll keep being me and doing my part to guiding others and myself to living the life of our desires.

  17. I spent a long time contemplating this situation. And, I kept being drawn back to my Course in Miracles study. So much of what we base our coaching practices on is the same foundational work by many different teachers (Jesus, Buddah, Gandhi, and many, many more) including Abraham, Oren, Daben and many, many more….the message is fundamentally the same taught in various different styles. People naturally reasonate to one style or another – hearing something better one way or another. Which lends us to many different avenues for the basically the same information. However, the point I keep being drawn to from the Course – “paying attention to it makes it real.” The Course describes it much more eloquently. The basis is to react to something as if it is real makes it real. What you perceive in others you strenghthen in yourself. A guiltless mind can not suffer – see the false without accepting it as true. As you teach, so shall you learn. Judgement will always result in some kind of negative effect on the level of form. Don’t give truth to the illusion. Choose only to see Christ. If people are not expressing love they must be calling out for it. Lots of random thoughts – but, what I learned from the Course; don’t make it real. Your attention to it makes it real. Go within and ask why it matters to you. I always remind myself to let other people have their beliefs – it’s not necessary to get other people to agree with me. You can’t always control what appears to happen in your life, be we can control how we look at it and thus how we feel about it. There is no wrong and right – here or anywhere. It’s not the function of God’s teacher to evaluate the outcome of their gifts. It is merely their function to give them. You are an amazing child of God with an abundance of gifts to offer! You are only love! What you acknowledge in your bother you acknowledge in yourself, and what you share you strengthen! Go forth in love,stand in your power, and know you are amazing! I love you, love your style, and love your abundant nature. Teach love, share love, and be love and in the end – that’s all there is.
    Donna recently posted..Feeling TrappedMy Profile

    • Wow, such a thoughtful response. It wasn’t really that big of a question. I get so many emails everday from people asking me questions about Law of Attraction and thanking me for sharing my energy with them. My fan page grew over 2,500 likes this past week. I am now on page 3 of google for Law of Attraction. Everything is flying high and abundant in my world.

      Then this one popped in and I thought, well, now why did that show up. I did try to shift his energy in my emails but he wasn’t going for it, so I left it. But, it did point out to me that we need even more people like us, you and me and the many people who have commented here today. Many of them being Coaches themselves.

      There are many who are out there ready to receive this info and I’ll keep my thoughts on them. Gretchen said something similar in her comment. I don’t doubt my ability or my purpose. And what I see from his comment is that not everyone is ready to fully grasp what we are sharing. But at least he is aware of Abraham and the info will be absorbed deeper if he lets it in.

  18. Sorry to hear that you have received such a negative comment and it is such a shame people are not open to the LOA.

    One thing that has struck me by you posting this is the amount of good that the LOA is doing for so many people as long as you are open to it. You are a wonderful coach who is helping peop,e change their lives.

    We should all respect other people’s views, but there are also some people out their who find it fun for posting comments without a solid foundation. Let’s all continue to share the word about LOA and in doing so helps others through their current issues and challenges.

    • Thank you Helen, I really appreciate your comment. Yes, lets continue to share the word and help those who are truly and sincerely reaching for it.

  19. Linda, we tend to be mirrors for each other and sometimes we just don’t want to look. So it makes me wonder, what thoughts you might have had around your work as a LOA life coach for this comment to come to you? We all may doubt our skills, talents and intentions at times. Perhaps this was a wakeup call for you to realize that you are truly doing what you believe in and with great love you share it with the world. DId this comment strengthen your resolve? If so, then his message came out loud and clear. Remember words are just that – words. It is up to you how you take them in. You are an amazing woman, Linda, with a open heart! Continue to shine and the naysayers will fade in the light.
    Gretchen recently posted..I See You. In You, I See MeMy Profile

    • Hi Gretchen, Thanks for your comment. No Doubt here, I’m actually flying quite high, picking up new Clients. Loving Coaching them, I’m growing in all the social media, having so much fun spreading positivity. I’ve made it to page 3 on Google, I get emails every day from people asking me questions about LOA. My fan page has grown over 2,500 new likes last week, I’m getting comments and questions from people on there as well. I’m building lots of friendships with people from all over the world. I’m totally in the flow and loving it. But I do see how not everyone is ready to receive the information that I am sharing. I gave it a shot, he was not responsive, that’s all I could do. Maybe I made him think and that’s a good thing.

  20. Dear Linda,
    I hope I don’t repeat another comment, as I didn’t read many of them.
    There is a saying over here and I try to translate it into English:
    “What’s going on in anybodies brain is no concern of yours.” ;-)
    Those many many possibilities to react (as the accusations for instance)
    indicate many many miracles – and all reactions may claim to fully contain
    the truth, their truth.
    So don’t bother and sleep well. You are doing an extraordinary job.
    Love Yvonne

    • Thank you Yvonne, I appreciate your comment, thanks for the reminder.

  21. Linda, thanks to this person’s bad comment I heard about Abraham for the first time today! He thought he could take you to the dark side with his comments and he not only didn’t succeed, but also helped ME get closer to the brighter side of life. His shot backfired beautifully!

    • Hi Sueli, I just got goose bumps all over my body. WOW, what a great outcome. You are going to just love listening and learning from Abraham. If you have any questions that come up, just send me an email. Enjoy!!!

  22. I agree with everyone’s comments. I’ll just say thanks for what you do and for setting this example of how we all should examine the things which happen to us for the clues we need to what’s happening in our own vibration. This is the universe’s way of giving you feedback. This is likely to be a catalyst for you to find more of your own authentic voice but the truth will be the same. Plagiarism? Oh, come on, even Esther plagiarizes. The Law of Attraction is not her idea.

    Much love and appreciation, Alison Primrose.

    • Thank you Allison! I love listening to the Universe and being aware of what there is to learn from experiences. I have complete trust and I share from my own experiences. This information is not new, that’s for sure. Finding my own spin on things in an even bigger and better way could very well be the real lesson here. Thank you for that insight ♥

  23. Hi Linda,

    What I believe is that it’s a choice of how you go about learning and bettering yourself. The Law of Attraction is available free to those who look for it; as well as other teachings.It is a choice to pick you or another coach, or any other way to motivate yourself.
    I take all I can get, and I do it without money. I wish you, and everyone else on their positive journey good fortune, and the best of luck.

    Thank you,


    • Thank you Beth! You are so right, there is so much available to all to learn and grow with.

    • Ain’t it! Sure is, thanks Sara!

  24. Hey Linda,

    …. Nothing like a bit of contrast to remind us where we are going and ‘what we are wanting’. I am totally blown away by your skills and am SOOOO glad you are my coach. I’ve listened to Abraham tapes (that should give you an idea how long..) and CD’s for YEARS and never got what I am now getting from you.

    You rock!

    • Thanks Daryl, I so totally love you!

  25. I dont think he understood the Abraham teachings becuse I clearly remember the words peace love passion and apprecation from them and obviously he lacks that ! And as our constituotional law teacher used to tell us you can take the horse to the water but you cant force it to drink . Love to you linda keep up the great work

    • Thank you Susana, I always love hearing from you!

  26. Hi Linda,
    I worked in a hotel for many years. I learn’t that there are some people who no matter what are never happy and will always complain for some reason. Maybe it makes them feel good because in their daily lives they are insecure and unhappy. At the end of the day you are doing your passion, your work. What makes YOU feel good. I say that it’s a good thing and go for it. He/she will be just a complainer. We and the universe don’t need that. Life is short. Embrace it! I want to expand my thoughts, ask questions, be curious. So it doesn’t matter who is doing what. What matters is that i’m enjoying your articles, or whoever l read that inspires me to look beyond what is just in front of me.

    • Thank you Chris for your input! I’m happy that you are enjoying my site, that’s what it’s all about.

  27. Linda, you do an amazing job of taking the Abraham-Hicks teachings and helping people apply them. I wonder if priests ever get criticized for “plagiarizing” the bible? ;) We’re lucky to have you!

    • Thank you Marya, love the way you put it! Your comment put a big smile on my face, short and sweet and to the point!

  28. Thanks Linda. In this time where we are moving into Oneness it’s important to see where we’re all united and leave behind the polarity of competition.

    • Hi Trudi, the more people doing what we do the better, there are so many people to reach out there that there can never be too many Coaches giving guidance. I just love explaining LOA and helping others release limiting beliefs.



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