Think-Feel-Live, stay positive and manifest your desires.

Think-Feel-Live, stay positive and manifest your desires.

THINK about what you want to create, add real FEELINGS to the thoughts, and then watch as you LIVE your desires, and manifest your dreams.

Secret to having it all 255x300 Think Feel Live, stay positive and manifest your desires. If you have something in particular that you want to manifest, think about it.  Live it in your imagination as much as you can. Make your story really good, create a story that feels really good to you. And keep visiting that story, living it in your mind. The hardest part is when you notice the lack of what you want. When that happens go right back to your dreams, imagine and feel the story as you think it. You can keep it to yourself so that you don’t get all the naysayers telling you it can’t happen, or any sort of negative (well meaning) comment. Reach for a better feeling thought and come up with general statements about your current reality in order to soothe your emotions. Then from there you can reach for more and more thoughts that feel better. Return back to the good feeling story of your desire, continue to feel that story as you want it to be.

Another great thing to do is to keep your Appreciation and Gratitude Journal. Did you read my post about future appreciations? I have created many things just from doing that, out of the blue these things came to me. I know it’s because I would write appreciations about the things that I want to manifest as if they already happened. I would feel the statement and live it in my mind. It becomes fun actually. And when you start vibing that way, enjoying the story of what you are now starting to expect, it just comes to you. It has to. The Law of Attraction will match your vibration every time. The story becomes so familiar to you that you can really feel what it will be like. When you get to that point, it comes.

I’m actually working on a tough one to manifest right now.

I do tell people about it. I know most people don’t think it is possible, but as long as I believe I can manifest it, I’ll keep dreaming of it.  I am going to heal, or at least regain full mobility without pain in my left shoulder from a partial rotator cuff tear. I was almost going to give up, I almost made another appointment with a surgeon to schedule surgery, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I can do it for myself. I’ve been meditating on it as well. Guess what, I have a little more mobility and strength in that shoulder. So now I’m really motivated to see what I can do. This will be a fun one to write about. And a great success story to show and teach people about the power of their thoughts. I’ll keep you updated on that story.

Think it, feel it and live it. It can be that easy if you just get out of your own way. When you notice where your thoughts are about the desire you want to manifest, if they are going towards the lack, change direction and gently go back to the direction of receiving that desire. Distract yourself from the lack and dream about the abundance. It is sometimes hard to do that for yourself, and that’s where having a Coach comes in handy. You see, we Coaches, keep you on track to your creations. We hold you accountable to keep up with the processes between sessions, that we guide you through, . The absolute best part is that every idea and solution you work with comes from you. I don’t ever tell you what you need to do. You already know that, only you have lost touch with it. I guide you to your own inspiration and before you know it, you are living your desires. It’s really great! I love my job!

After a few wins with doing this it becomes easier and easier to manifest. You will start to trust in the Universe and in your personal power of thought and you will become more allowing. You will be able to just think it, feel it and live whatever it is you want to manifest.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,
LINDAS sig Think Feel Live, stay positive and manifest your desires.


  1. Linda

    You are a real inspiration on Law of Attraction and Manifesting. I always love reading your posts.

    I haven’t been attracting something that I thought I wanted, and now I realise that I’ve been sending the Universe mixed messages.

    I want it, but actually now isn’t a good time :-) so while I have been frustrated that I haven’t received what I want, I can see that this is because I’ve been telling the Universe I don’t want it yet. I can see that I need to stop worrying, and when it is a good time, focus on it 100% and then I will attract it into my life.
    Maxine recently posted..Giving and ReceivingMy Profile

    • That’s it Maxine! I’m happy that this post helped you to know that for yourself. Keep your thoughts positively focused on the desire and trust in the Universe to bring it to you at the right time.

      You will get it, for sure!

  2. I love this post! Staying true to your desire regardless of anything on the outside – just you and your positive thoughts. So much power in believing in yourself. Great inspiration!
    Nicole Stone recently posted..The Perfect Diet.My Profile

  3. What great insight! I enjoy your blog, your unique way of resonating with your audience, and your authentic self. Think, feel, live! Yep, it’s really that easy isn’t it? I love the reminders the Universe gently provides. Thank you for being an angle of guidance to me. I love your style, faith, and trust!

  4. Linda, another great article. I will really want to keep updated on your shoulder. I think that our physical health and well-being may be one of the trickiest to work with vibrationally especially if you are in pain and as a registered nurse this is a population I am interested in working with so please let me know of any wins in this area!
    Jeanette Sandor recently posted..Write a new storyMy Profile

    • Thank you Nicole, Donna and Jeanette, I really appreciate your comments. It can be that easy… think-feel-live. Oh, and Jeanette, I have HEALED my Rotator Cuff Tear. Whooo hoooo!

    • Thanks so much Amanda!

    • Thanks, so happy you liked it!


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