Does the Universe Speak to you?

Does the Universe Speak to you?

My Cardinal experience, communication with the Universe.

Many of you know of my story of Playing a game with the Universe to see if I can create with my own thoughts and feelings. Well, I asked the Universe to show me Cardinals flying by my sight, or just to be somehow in my view. You can read the full story in this free downloadable pdf file, just click here to get it. It was a real strong lesson of how to work with Law of Attraction.

Since then when I see Cardinals it’s always a special sign to me that all is well and I am vibrating with my desires.Up until recently I did not see them all the time even though I could hear them singing all around me, which is just as enjoyable.

But lately I am seeing them just about every day. It’s so awesome! So the other day I went outside early in the morning with my puppy and I noticed that it was really quiet, I didn’t hear any birds singing at all. But, I took the moment just looking around at my yard, at the trees, the grass and feeling really good.

I then started appreciating how I have been seeing Cardinals so often and that I was really happy because it is such a good indicator for me of how well I am vibrating. And a few seconds after I had that thought a beautiful male Cardinal flew across my yard from one side to the next. WOW, it was so awesome. It was a clear sign that YES, I am vibrating with the Universe and all is working out well for me.

WAIT… it gets better!

So, now I’m feeling really excited at this latest message from the Universe and just really happy and grateful for my message. Just loving these little birds, enjoying my yard and enjoying my puppy. I was thrilled with how perfect the timing was for my little visit. And then as I am further appreciating the beauty of this bird and how they have been coming into my experience regularly… he flies by again!

But this time as he was going across my yard from left to right, he turned and flew right above me about only 10′ above my head. I could see him in all his glory and I was really, really thrilled and excited. Goose bumps from head to toe.

It was a total confirmation on my connection to the energy of this Universe and my part in it. Such a simple experience that really means so much to me. There are no coincidences. This beautiful friend of mine was sending me a message and I was LOVING it!.

Pay attention to those little things that lift your vibration. Appreciate them, really take notice. The more you notice these things the more will come. There is so much power that you receive once you realize how in tune you can be with this amazing energy that is all around us. And then once you honor your power you can really have fun creating.

The Universe is always sending you messages, you just have to take notice. ~ Linda Armstrong

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,
LINDAS sig Does the Universe Speak to you?

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