What is Future Visioning?

What is Future Visioning?

What is Future Visioning?  Did you know you can connect with your Future Self?

I have connected with my Future Self through Future Visioning meditations. Where to start… WOW, what an amazing year I have had. it started with enrolling in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy to become a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. So, I have been on a journey that has totally transformed me. Instead of just knowing about Law of Attraction, I am now consciously living it and working with it daily. I am applying the processes and being mindful of my thoughts and always guiding my thoughts and my feelings in the direction of my desires. As if that wasn’t enough, right, now I am also so involved in meditation, daily. Something I had tried before without success. I’ve mentioned a bit in other posts about meditation. BUT, now I am experiencing it and guiding my Clients with Future Visioning Meditations.

These Future Visioning meditations are awesome. This is the way to release limiting beliefs. Our minds are always working on loop from the present to the future, back to the present, and to the past and back to the present, then future. You get the idea? Our minds are always doing this loop with our thoughts. Picture the number 8, or the infinity symbol laying on it’s side. The intersecting point is the present, the loop to the right is the future, and the loop to the left is the past. And if you studied Quantum Physics at all, you start to realize that time doesn’t really exist. It’s just an illusion, it is just whatever we agree that it is. Pretty amazing! Well, if time is just an illusion then why can’t we access the present, past and future all at once. Think about that. That is what we do in Future Visioning meditations.

So, in Future Visioning you do visit your future, and your past. You can meet and experience what your Future Self is living and you can also go back and visit your Inner Child. You can make a connection to both. In these meditations you are guided to your Future Self and you also go back to your Inner Child with your Future Self and help them to heal a time in their life when they were going through difficulty. When they created limiting beliefs based on experiences that they didn’t know how to handle. It is amazing how easily we go right back to an experience we had as a child. The image just comes to you in the meditation.

I have been doing a lot of these Future Visioning meditations.

Especially, when I attended Christy Whitman’s Goddess Weekend. It is a weekend for women where you get more connected with your Inner Goddess. Actually I should say totally connected with your Inner Goddess. We did a lot of meditating over this weekend. We connected with our Future Self and went back to a time as a child.The experience was just amazing, it was life changing, something I will never forget. And I will be sure to be attending the future Goddess Weekend events.

Future Visioning Meditations are not just for women, they are for everyone. My Clients both Male and Female are loving them and are releasing their limiting beliefs and are becoming more empowered. But, I do want to tell you a bit about my experience at the Goddess Weekend. I spent three days together with Christy Whitman and Rebecca Grado, and a small group of women, about 18 all together. I released so much stuck energy and limiting beliefs. We were in a very safe, comfortable space that is created for all of us. We learned so much about the Goddess energy, about the qualities of the Goddess and we did many meditations, Future Visioning meditations. Things came up for me that I had not realized I had any attention on. And releasing all of that with the group was so freeing. A week later I am still floating around in my day to day life. I feel so much lighter, so much more free, so easy. The best way to describe it is; I feel really light and easy. It’s like all the gunk was released from my body and those places have been filled with so much love and light. Which is what the feeling of lightness is, it’s the absence of the stuck energy and limiting beliefs. And now I have open clear space that is ready to receive from this Abundant Universe.

My Daisy Tattoo What is Future Visioning?In my first introduction to my Future Self, through Future Visioning, I saw my Future Self living the life that I dream of, she had already done all the things I dream of doing, and more. She is vibrant and strong and happy. And in one of the meditations your Future Self gives you a present. I’ve done this meditation with many of my Clients and it is really amazing when they tell me of the gift they received and just how appropriate the gift always is. Well, my Future Self gave me a pink daisy. I didn’t know at that moment why it was that she gave me a pink daisy. But, funny thing is, I keep receiving more clarity on that as I continue on my journey. Initially I felt like it was her telling me that everything has worked out great and I should just relax and smell the flowers. I had already received the message “Relax and let it in” during another meditation, not with my Future Self, but in connecting with my Guardian Angel. So my thinking was that this message is a reminder of how well everything works out for me, so I should just relax and enjoy my life. I had the pink daisy tattooed on my hand. I look at it often and I just feel that relaxation settle in as I do so.

So now going back to the Goddess Weekend, that was all about getting in touch with my feminine energy. I know that I personally have far more male energy. Always having to be strong, always pushing through getting things done. I am a 3rd degree black belt, my male energy has helped guide me with that part of my life. So, at this weekend event I realized just how masculine my energy really is. So now, I let in that feminine energy and became reunited with it, and it feels AWESOME. I feel so much more empowered. I feel like I can do just as much and more with using this softer, secure feminine energy. So I started thinking again about why my gift of the Daisy was pink. I remembered that I put together a Happy New Year message, an image that I posted on my Facebook Fan Page. The image I chose was a Purple Daisy. This was before being introduced to my Future Self. So when I received the pink daisy I remembered that and wondered why this daisy given to me was pink. It wasn’t until I realized how disconnected I was from my female energy that I knew why my daisy was pink. It was clear to me that it was a message from my Future Self to allow the Goddess Energy in and to connect with it. WOW, I love Future Visioning!

So, I got the message. I am so so happy to be, once again, connected to my Goddess Energy. I am so so happy to be able to have these Future Visioning meditations that are clearing my limiting beliefs and opening me up more fully to this Abundant Universe. I am so happy to have allowed my connection to this energy that is available to every one of us. I am really grateful for having been guided to Christy Whitman’s Coaching Academy. It has really changed my life.

If you have any interest in becoming a Coach yourself feel free to email me any questions that you have about coaching. You can find out all about the next Class coming up in May. It’s in this course that I learned how to guide my Clients with Future Visioning. Here is a link you can use to get info and view videos on Coaching and enrolling in the next Course: https://christywhitman.infusionsoft.com/go/freetraining/LiveLOA  Take a look, it me be just right for you.

I am really, really, enjoying my journey!

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig What is Future Visioning?


  1. Linda, love the way you describe Future Visioning, the benefits, and Goddess Weekend! I’m so excited to get into the Future Visioning modules and experience a similiar level of expansion. Thank you for setting the stage and paving the way! Love ya!

  2. Thanks for this article Linda! I too enjoy the future visioning process. It is so awesome when things “click”!!

  3. Hi Linda

    It’s wonderful to hear about your goddess weekend, and the clarity that you are getting from your future self.

    I too love these future visioning meditations. My future self gave me a red rose. I’m not up for having a tattoo but am trying to find a crystal ornament to remind me of this gift from my future self.
    Maxine recently posted..Choosing to juggle lessMy Profile

  4. Thanks Linda, I also love the future visioning and it has been equally powerful for my coaching clients. Loved the story of the pink daisy. What a visual to carry with you everywhere. Good for you!
    Jeanette Sandor recently posted..Raising an appreciative childMy Profile



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