When you need a Vibration lift, run like Pheobe!

When you need a Vibration lift, run like Pheobe!

If you need a lift in your vibration, feeling a little blah, run like Phoebe

Can you remember when you were a kid and it would feel so great to run and be silly? You had that carefree feeling, just having fun for no reason. Think about it, you were vibrating so high. You knew that you could do whatever you wanted when you grew up, you had not been programmed with all of the bumps in the road so to speak. Worries and concerns didn’t come into your mind. Play was about the only thing you ever really wanted to focus on. It was just so natural to look for and to have fun.

PhoebeRuns When you need a Vibration lift, run like Pheobe!It might have been the good weather we are having here in New York after what felt like the wettest rainiest summer ever. But I somehow got inspired to run like Pheobe. If you are a fan of the show Friends you know what I am talking about. There was an episode where Rachel and Pheobe decide to go running together. Rachel is embarrassed as she sees the way that Phoebe runs. When Phoebe runs she flails her arms and legs freely in a very awkward manner. It’s really pretty kooky and weird looking. It made for a very funny episode.

Back when I first saw this episode I thought, Wow, that has got to be fun. To be so free and not care what anyone thinks, but just go out and have fun. I decided to try it. I remember laughing as soon as I started. It was so silly and so so much fun. So now on this beautiful sunny day I somehow was inspired to do this again. Only this time I wanted company to further enhance the fun. My Brother In-Law and Sister-In Law came to visit us from California. Some of you may know my Sister In-Law, she is the Romance Goddess. I asked them if they would like to join me in running like Phoebe. They didn’t know what I meant, so I showed them the video clip that I have attached below. After seeing the clip and laughing watching it they decided they would join me in the fun.



So we went outside in my back yard and we started doing the Phoebe.

We were laughing so hard. It was really a fun freeing feeling. To be in our 50’s and running like we were 5 was such a great feeling. The experience was so much fun that I decided that I will share it with my Coaching Clients and with all of you. If you are ever feeling a bit down, low energy, low vibration, this is a quick fix to feeling good. And then from there you can just apply the very basic Law of Attraction process of finding a better feeling thought and you will be back vibrating high once again.

Running like Phoebe is like a jump start to vibrating well. It is definitely a vibration raiser. I plan on doing it again this weekend. I’m going up to Lake George and this time I plan to run like Phoebe in public. I might even have to catch it on video. I just know it will be so much fun. Whether you are in a good vibration or a low vibration this is total fun and well worth a little embarrassment.

Give it a try and see what it does for your vibration.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,
LINDAS sig When you need a Vibration lift, run like Pheobe!


  1. I think i’m going to give that a try myself today:)

  2. seven



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