Worrisome Thoughts will get you NO WHERE

Worrisome Thoughts will get you NO WHERE

Worrisome thoughts about unwanted things will bring those unwanted things to you.

Worrisome Thoughts 300x187 Worrisome Thoughts will get you NO WHEREStop it! Don’t give your attention to the unwanted thoughts. Instead fill your mind with thoughts of what you do want. You can just even be very general about those things. Just say to yourself “wouldn’t it be nice if I met the perfect guy” “wouldn’t it be nice if all my bills were paid in full” “wouldn’t it be nice if I get a better job that I would love that pays really well” “wouldn’t is be great if I dropped 10 pounds.” Wouldn’t it be nice if…

That is actually an Abraham-Hicks process. I use all of their processes when Coaching my Clients to staying positively focused on creating their Awesome Life. But, really, you get what you think about. And when those not so good things are coming to you, try to look at what you have been thinking about for some time. See if you can make the correlation. There is always a connection to your thought. Even if it is worry some thoughts for or about someone else.

Here’s a funny Bob Newhart video that totally relates.


It’s funny, well, not really, but what I mean to say is that I have been trying to give guidance to a close friend of mine. She knows what I do, maybe doesn’t fully understand Coaching, but she is aware of what I do. She knows I guide people to find their power-with-in, to empower them to creating the life they want to live by deliberately choosing thoughts and adding real feelings to those thoughts. I’ve given her enough of an understanding of it, and I am always giving her tools to use to focus her thoughts and to choose better feeling thoughts.

Well, as much as I attempt to guide her, she doesn’t find it for herself. She will attempt finding the better feeling thought. She will speak to me about being positive, but she just is not getting it. She is not ready to understand this information and does not even see at all the power she has to create with her thoughts. She does not acknowledge the fact that her situation is not changing because she is only focused on the worry, or better yet, the lack of what she desires. When she is ready, I’ll be there as I am right now, but only then will she start to really hear the words and grasp the concept. You cannot give someone the understanding. They have to come to if for themselves.

We all create our lives from the thoughts we think and the feeling associated with the thoughts. If you know someone who can’t really grab hold of that just try your best to lead them to finding some fun in every day. Kind of like an assignment, tell them that they have to find at least one fun thing to do or observe during the day that makes them feel good inside. And then tell them to find two things and take it from there. I have some other fun tips on my LOA Video Tips page.

Distraction from the worry works really well. It’s in the distraction and taking your attention off of the problem that the solutions can come through. Your intuition will be able to shine through and inspire you to action that will lead you in the right direction. Intuition never steers you to the wrong place.

So stop worrying!

Really worry is just a huge waste of time. And not only that, it is setting you up for more to worry about. It’s Law of Attraction! Like attracts like, it’s that simple. Worrying is just setting yourself up for more things to worry about that you Do NOT want. BUT, just taking your mind off a little bit, will bring you more little bits of time to be distracted. Then it will be a lot easier to pivot your thoughts to what you DO want. From there you can become deliberate about your thoughts and really get into the swing of creating with thought to live your Awesome Life.

Here’s a great quote that pretty much sums it all up:

By Default, I Could Have Attracted Unwanted Relationships… Many of the relationships or experiences you have attracted you would not have deliberately attracted if you had been doing it on purpose, but much of your attraction is not done by deliberate intent, but rather by default. . . . It is important to understand that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. And chronic thoughts about unwanted things invite, or ask for, matching experiences. The Law of Attraction makes it so. ~ Abraham

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

LINDAS sig Worrisome Thoughts will get you NO WHERE


  1. Hi Linda,

    Distracting ourselves – and others – with high energy thoughts and feelings can kill the habit of worry in its tracks. Love the insight here.

    If I feel worry arise I move my attention swiftly and gently to some high energy idea, like “I am free!” I dwell on this feeling for a few moments. The neat part? Doing this persistently forms a new habit in your mind, so you habitually feel more free, no matter what happens, and worry less.

    At the heart of the shift was a conscious choice that you can make at any time.

    Thanks Linda!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..1 Massive Law of Attraction Block and How to Dissolve ItMy Profile

    • Thanks Ryan, I actually just found this comment in with my spam comments. So happy to have you here on my site. Thanks for adding your tip on shifting the energy and creating a new belief.

  2. Dear Linda,
    My opinion is BE HAPPY,JOLYCHEARFUL.Think,feel,Act what you want.Not what you dont want.,so instead of talking dont worry,we can say I am Happy & to be more happy,i will put whatever required ACTIONS.Thanks for giving an Opportunity.
    With Love & Regards,
    Possibility of Love,Happyness,Freedom,Power,Self Expression & Peace

    • Yeah Christine, it is really funny, and the best answer or advice there could be… STOP IT, he he he.

  3. Linda,

    I really need to “stop it” and laugh more so thanks for helping me get it.

    • You are soooooooo welcome Lia!

  4. Hi Linda,

    I heard a quote recently that I thought summed it up well: “Worrying is like praying for the things you don’t want”!

    Thanks for your insight and clarity.


  5. Hi Linda,

    Truly enjoyed the “STOP IT” advice :) But it’s not easy most of the time to stop it, thinking worrisome thoughts! Ryan well said above that it’s really worth dwelling life on feelings of few seconds, precisely speaking, just dwelling on NOW, few seconds of NOW. Like you, one of my spiritual masters once said, “If you want to experience the unthinkable peace, lightness of the heart and a glimpse of heaven… try to give up all judgment. Do not judge anything or anyone, including yourself, your actions, your past, your thoughts. Allow… The intelligence that beats your heart, keeps the sun and moon in orbit, and controls the universe, is within all that you perceive. Allow! Everything is perfect!”
    Yes, everything is perfect, then why to worry? what to complain against!

    It’s really pleasure following you :) Love.

    • Hi Tanveer, Thank you! When you can keep your focus in the positive direction of what you want to achieve there really is no room for worry. To be able to stay positively focused and creating your desires with your thoughts and feelings you will be in a higher vibration and the worrisome thoughts will fall away. Focusing on the worry can only bring you more to worry about. It really makes so much sense. Doesn’t it? That’s why the Stop it video is so perfect, because to keep away those worrisome thoughts really can be that simple, it’s just a decision. And when you find trust in the power of the Universe it gets easier to ALLOW.

  6. What I thought was impossible for the few past years is taking place now. It is happening, the plans I used to dream of are coming true, but that can’t completely stop my worries. Change is beautiful, but it is also scary. Starting a new life is exciting but stability feels more secure sometimes.
    Nikky44 recently posted..Reader’s Love and appreciationMy Profile

    • Oh but Nicole, life will only get better and better. Keep dreaming of how it will all be and just go with the flow as it unfolds. You are in for a very happy life!


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