Your dreams really do create your reality!

Your dreams really do create your reality!

This is what I believe to be the easiest
way to create. 

Live your desires in your imagination and really feel what it will be like when they come into your reality. This I believe is the easiest way to manifest anything. But, you have to feel it as if it is real, as if you already have this desire. That is how you will create it. You have to vibrate to your desire, the best way to do that is through your imagination…

Think it, feel it, and live it. Think–Feel–Live is what I named my e-book. It is really how I see it. How I see Law of Attraction working. Spend time in your imagination, it doesn’t cost a penny, you can do it anytime, anywhere. And it is really pleasurable. Just imagining living the desire raises your vibration. Think about it, how could it not. If you can imagine what you want in your life and create little stories of having it, then as you are thinking about it really feel what it will be like. Don’t just say the words in your mind, you have to feel it as if it already exists. How will you feel having this desire. What is it that you really want from the desire. Always, we want things in our life because we believe they will make us feel good. So why not feel good now in your mind.

When I do the Virtual Reality Process with my Clients they all end up feeling so good, they actually feel as if they just lived the desire. And that really raises your vibration. Your vibration is what draws the desire to you. So just imagine and vibrate away to create your desires. The Universe doesn’t know if what you are feeling is imagined or real, it only responds to the vibration that you are sending out.
Imagine Believe Enjoy Your dreams really do create your reality!

Create with Visualization!

Visualize in your imagination, see yourself living the desire. I did this with getting my 3rd Degree Black Belt, In my mind I would train for the test (my 2nd Degree test). I would be sweating, my heart pounding, adrenaline pumping… all in my imagination. Well, I made a video about this manifestation. I’ll let the video tell the rest of that story, it’s about my wins using Visualization.

Remember that you are creating in your imagination so ANYTHING is possible! You call the shots, nothing is impossible. The sky is the limit, actually the Universe, which is limitless. Try it for yourself, you have nothing to loose and soooooo much to gain.

Think about it, we were born knowing this. As kids we always daydreamed, it’s an innate ability. Unfortunately well meaning people, parents, teachers etc tell us to get our head out of the clouds, stop daydreaming, focus. Well, guess what, we were focusing. Focusing on creating amazing stories, which would turn into amazing lives. So the way I see it, is to return to that childhood ability of daydreaming and go and create your Awesome Life.

Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,
LINDAS sig Your dreams really do create your reality!




  1. Hi Linda,

    Train the within. Work on your inner world. Live in your mental picture, to make the mental picture come alive.

    Practice visualizing daily. Use your 5 senses in your imagination. Taste, touch, smell and hear your mental picture.

    The emotions are the great attractive force. The more real your picture feels the more real it becomes.

    Attract the people, ideas and circumstances to manifest your dreams. Simple, powerful and delightful process as you get deep into the FEELING aspect of your visualization sessions.


    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Cash Gifting Program Training – 5 Reasons Why You Are Missing Out on Hundreds of Twitter FollowersMy Profile

    • Thanks Ryan, I always enjoy your comments, and I love all that you share. There is always something that I can takeaway from your input and outflow. I’m very happy to know you! Linda

  2. That’s the key: feeling the joy of already having attained your desire.

    In Grammar usage, this is called the Future Perfect Tense. Kind of appropriate.
    Caelan Huntress recently posted..Bugs visit my desk.My Profile

    • Ahhhhh, I like that Future Perfect Tense, makes perfect sense! Thanks Caelan!

  3. I really loved your post. Definitely Imagination really helps create our reality.When we Imagine having our desire it feels so good.My question is how can we maintain the same happy feeling throughout the day so that we don’t contradict our desires.

    • You need to remember how the desire feels in your body. Really imagine that feeling and then create it again, over and over. Think up new stories in your imagination that give you that same feeling. It is very important to attach the feeling of living the desire to your visualization. If you go off track and doubt comes in find something to distract you from the doubt and then think a new better feeling thought. Thought by thought until you are back to visualizing how awesome it feels living the desire. Hope that helps!

  4. I believe that law of attraction is very powerful. I feel like I have made my dreams and goals come true and now am trying to figure out what else I want to create! What a wonderful spot to be in.

    Thank you also for leaving a kind post on my website I always appreciate the support!



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